Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Precious Item: F07/08

Have you ever heard a statement like 'I can't live without my handphone' or 'I can't live without my purse' or 'I can't live without my i-pod'?
This is a cliché saying how much you treasure a thing.
So now, declare an item in which you believe that you can't live without it.
Provide brief technical description of the item and mention the reasons why it is you number one precious possession.


sichumilchocoholic:) said...


my precious item would be my collection of teddy bears. i don't when this habits starts, but nowdays i realise that i crave to have teddy bears more and more. currently, i have five in my possesion. the oldest one is Teddy, which is about 4 years old. then the biggest one is Bob, given by my bestfriend on my birthday last year. Bob is so huge that is takes half of my single bed. huge right? then i it comes to Toink and Lulu. Lulu was the smallest one. called him Lulu because he got cute blue ribbon own. in the future, i would like to add more teddy bears in my possesion because i love them very much. when i'm lonely, i fine it very comforting to have them to talk to because they can't talk. which means they'll keep my secrets. in korea, they even have a museum of teddy bears raging from 1960's up to now. i like to go there sometimes when i finally get enough money. so if you don't have a teddy yet, i think you should get one because they can be a great companion. teddy bears are not just for girls actually and i personally think that a big boy who still sleep with his teddy is hot:)

Aimi Haqim said...

I got so many items that i think i can't live without it.., but the most precious item is my watch.
I can't live without it.
For me, time is so important in my daily life. Seriously, i don't know what will happened to me if i lost my watch. Eventhough i sleep, i'll make sure that my watch beside me.
I still remember when i in matriculation, my watch running out of battery. I so worried because i don't know what to do. Fortunately, my friend going home and i give her my watch. But then i kept thinking about it and always look at my wrist. Unfortunately, she forgot to bring my watch back. And than i realize that my watch is so important for me. I felt lost when my watch is not with me.
Why my watch is my precious item in my life? This is not my first watch but i got it from my parents. They bought it right before my trial SPM. I care it until now. I'll felt sick when my watch get scratch by something else. Actually, that is the first time i got an expensive watch form my parents. Eventhough the price of my watch become cheap after discount. I really appreciate it. I can't bear to loss it. If you were me, you will know how i appreciate it.
Something that you as a student can not afford to buy it during your secondary school.
Thus.., i really love my watch. I never think to change it to new one. I'll keep it even my watch already broken. I always wear it and never leave it. Cause i can't live without it and time is so important to me. I try my best to keep promise when it's come about time.


iQa said...

ID : FB09033

Everyone have they own precious item. For me, the precious item that i have is mp3. This is one of my beloging that i bought using my own money. I bought it during my holiday with my family. It is in black-red colour and it accompany me where ever I go. I am a person who like to listen to music almost of the time. Even when I am studying, I able to plug-in the earphone into my ear. When I'm not in a good mood, feel lonely, my mp3 always accompany me. Listen to the songs can make me feel release from all the problems that I faced for a moment. When using my mp3 also, while listening to the music, it give me inspiration sometimes to do my work. It also help me to improve my vocabulary as most the songs that I've heard are english songs. So, my mp3 is one of the most precious item that i have because this is one of the item that I always bring wherever I go.

Anonymous said...

ID NO: FB09018

i can't live without my handphone...

for me handphone is the most important items that i have to bring everywhere i go...i know everyone have their own things that they can't even live without as me, handphone brings many benefits to helps a lot in my daily life activity... i use my handphone, of course to call my beloved mother, my father, my siblings, my friends, and so on...besides calling i also use to sms them in time that i want to share new information or i just want to ask their condition...if i have a lot of time i will call them...rather than calling as usual i also use 3G to make video call with my parents when i really miss them...through video call our conversation with our beloved ones will be very valuable...besides calling and sms, my handphone also can be use to record video of memorable moment or snap photoes...this is the interesting part of my handphone because i loved to snap photo on my own in many situation...i had took many photoes aftwer i get this the number of photoes that i had snap almost approach 3000 and above...for me it's quite a big number...other than that, i also use it to take video of memorable moment...for example,an event...or other things...nowadays there are many types and model of handphone sells...for me it is not false if we try to use new things, so that we are up to date...that's all i think the most important benefits that my phone give to me...i love my handphone very much...

anis syarliza said...

the most precious thing to me is my watch. I have it since iam form 1, until now i still wear it.Actually, the watch is from my mother when iam going to live in hostel.
I will wear it wherever i go.Eventhough i want to sleep, i will make sure my watch is beside me. I will fell weird or lost something when not wear it.Even after that, i got more expensive thing, the watch is still my lovely thing because it is from my mom and it with me too long.It is like an inspiration to me when to do something.
I have a lot of memory with it.When iam form 5, the watch not function because the battery is out but i still wear it until i change the battery. because i felt not comfortable when my watch not in my wrist.

Noraini said...

ID NO: FB09006
I can't live without my purse. to me it is the important thing that I should bring to everywhere I go..
In my purse, its contains several important items such as money, identity card and soon...
the important thing that should have in our purse is the identity card.It is because it's prove that we are the Malaysian.. without the identity card, police can take you into the jail.. without the card, it seem that the foreign people from other country that get into Malaysia without permision..
The second thing that should have in our purse is money. It's not should be too much but just enough for emergency case.. For example.. when our car broke down in somewhere and I should take the car to workshop.. it no need to other people to sent money for the payment because I already bring the money..
i always bring my purse to any where that i go...

KhaiRuNisa said...

Assalamulaikum Miss Intan...

I think the most precious item that I can't live without is my hand phone that I use now.. Even though my hand phone is bad looking, I still love it so so much..There are many reason why I choose my hand phone as my precious item..First of all, it is because my hand phone was given by 'abah' when I was 17 years old..He gave to me as SPM result present..I really appreciate it because my SPM result was not really good but my father bought this hand phone to me to persuade me...because that time I'm really disappointed to myself..hehe..=)thats why I love to be the youngest one...
Secondly, I choose hand phone as my precious item because I really need it this time..I have to live far apart from my beloved family so that I need it to called them at home..I really miss them..I need to called them everyday and if possible every time..huhu=(I never live far apart from my family even though I live in hostel till I'm 13 years old..But all school that I studied was in Kedah..
Third, I need hand phone when I'm facing emergency case like sickness or death..I also need it when I'm on my way to go back to hometown..
Because I need to use bus to go back home..
Last but not least, I choose my hand hand phone as my precious item because there were many precious moment that I had with my hand phone..I can memories all when I look at my hand phone..I think if one day I want to change my phone, I will buy a new one but not to treat in my beloved hand phone..
I think that's all I can share with you..See you again..

Kong Hing said...

fong kong hing

I believe that i cannot live without my is because purse is the most important in our life.the the purse has many function or use of us.
the use are
-carry our money
-carry our important document
-carry our credit card(if we have)
Besides that,the purse is small size.So we can bring the purse go to other place easyly and not to heavy.
why I say the purse is most important than the handphone and the i-pod.The reason are
-the handphone is use to call the poeple and the purse also have this use which is we the money using public phane to call the poeple
-the handphone have the limit time and money to call or sms the poeple.If,the credit in the handphone is is cause we cannot phone the poeple.this is the time of the use of the purse which is go to buy the credit handphone by take of the money,
this is why the purse is improtant to me.
-the i-pod is use to listen the music only,It cannot help us to buy the thing.but the purse can because it is use to carry our money.
As we know the purse is use to carry the money.So,if we do have money in our body during in public is defficuit to us to doing what we want to do.
Hence,the money is improtant.So,the purse also important.
as a conclusion,i strongly believe i cannot life without my purse.what do you thing?

norain said...

My precious item that i really2 love is my handfhone.for me,without handfhone, something wrong in my life.i love my handfhone because with it, i can contact all people espcially my mother. i also can contact anywhere i am because handfhone is easy to take anywhere.handfhone also is very important if something happen.even my handfhone is not expensive, but it really usefull to. i start to use a handfhone when i was 16 years old,that time, i was stay in hostel, i always feel homesick and miss my mother very much.thats why my father buy a handfhone for me so that i can call my my family whenever i want.i believe all of you also love your handfhone.with handfhone, everybody can contact me and me also can call or sms anyone that i want.thats all from me,remember to take care your handfhone.thank you.

faruqi said...

Muhamad Faruqi bin Zahari (FB09012).

Well,"my precious item" is handphone. I can't live without my handphone. my handphone brand is N1650, it has a torchlight at head of phone,when I need the light, just click the button, no more time for search for torchlight, with handphone in my hand just press the button we can see in the dark much better, it just a simple handphone but important to me.
My phone important and the most precious treasure to me because with it I can hear to alarm to wake up in the morning. It also can contact my parents and family if I miss them. Furthermore, handphone too important for me, with it I can contact all my friend around the world, but it depend on my credit to call them. In addition, my handphone can be my diary, I can save what i want to do next day,next week or anytime with calendar provided in my handphone. it can memorize me what me want to do. Other than that, with it I can save my friend's number, before I get the handphone I save them in phonebook, it was difficult to carry the book anywhere, anytime we want it, and I must find the public phone to call my friend. So, after I get my precious handphone I save their number in handphone and I can call them anytime, anywhere I want. If you have same opinion with me, you can call me at this number-019-999xxxx. So, that's all, thank you.

hasnul said...

My presious item, of corse my mobile phone, nokia 6288.

For me, this mobile phone contain lots of function, with MP3, 2 mega pixel camera, have a 3G asses, quite small and eletgent because it is sliding phone.

However for me, this phone not just only for calling people, massaging or listening MP3 but this phone contain a full of nostalgia with it.

I buy this phone when I was at matriculation. I use my elaunce money to buy it after my old phone was stolen.

With this phone, it have recorded my experience, my happines and sadness when I was a matriculation student for over 2 years.

I also like this phone because it quite "tough". I use it more than 2 years with lots of unfortonatelly accident, but it still okey and have no sign of malfunctioning. The thing that I need to change is only its cover.

Now I have decided to keep it no matter what happen to it. Mybe I will buy other phone one day, but I will never selling this phone or give it to others.


MeL said...

Assalamualaikum everyone...
Hand phone. It is the name of my precious item. Why it is very important to me??? This item is always communicating me with everyone especially my family. Although my hand phone not advance like my friends, but I love this item very much. I buy this phone when I was 17 and use my own money. Try to think if your hand phone is lost when you are far from your family. How u want to communicate with everyone? That is my situation when I studied at negeri sembilan Matriculation College and I lost my hand phone. I can’t contact my family for one month because I forgot my mother's number. My family lives in terengganu and why it happens to me. It very sad. Now, when I see a phone like my previous phone, I can feel that feeling again.., now, I have new phone and I swear I will take care of it... that all from me... Thank you.

LifFieY said...

Muhammad Halifi Bin Muhamad
FB09037 (S08)

Assalamualaikum and a very good evening to all fellow friends and Miss Intan....on this post.i want to talk about my precious item....but....actually..i have many items that i love so much and don't want to lose them..such as my bag,guitar,handphone,dell' notebook and many decide to write about my 320GB Transcend External Hard Disk...this the most valueable thing that i ever had in my life because i bought it on my own...i bought this thing because my notebook only have small hard disk capacity...about 70Gb i think...but i have many things to store my files in the i bought it and use it store all my digital files including my pictures,songs,videos,games,movies and many thing more....the most precious thing that i store in it is my pictures....this the most valueable things to is all pictures of me,my family and my friends....a very2 sweet make me easy to carry it wherever i can use all my program that have been install in it on any computer i use....i also use it to store videos and songs..this thing have gave me many benefits and i love it so much.....tq

fizziey said...



the most precious item that i have is my laptop.i got it after i got my spm's that time,i felt very happy because i never and ever thought that my parent will gave me that laptop..for me,it was still early to have a laptop..but i still felt sad because i cannot choose for my own..however,i'm still happy because at least they gave i right??i love my laptop very much because it is very useful for me..for example,as a student,i can download all the notes that have been upload by my lctures and did our assigments..other than that,i can surf the internet,watching movies and playing games..i can live without my laptop bacause it has so much benefits for me..sometimes,i can feel boring when i cannot surf the internet..because of that,i always take care of my laptop very much..i don't want it to be broken..

sichumilchocoholic:) said...
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yen said...

Khairin b Syam

Salam,,,and a very good evening to all of you...about my precious item,i would like to takl about my motorcycle.Actually,i have a my beloved motorcycle that very extremely special to me.My motorcycle is modenas kriss that made in Malaysia.One of special about my motorcycle is given from my dad.It is because i forced my dad to buy it to me.Besides,i forced my dad to buy it because he wants me stayed in hostel at SMK Agama Miri.This is happened since 2003 and that time i'm form 1.Until right now,i still take care of my motorcycle because it give me a lot of benefits.For the example,it always help me to do something when i bored ,to release tension and much more.Other than that,it helps me to find girls in my hometown and it as a platform to me to go anywhere that i want.Unfortunately,right now i'm 19 years old and know how to think something or in the other words is matured,i actually extremely regret and guilty to myself because forced my dad to buy that to me.In here,i can share how about love my dad to me as his son in purpose make me excellent in my life.But,alhamdulilah i can pay back my mistakes because right now i'm further my study at university.Finally,that are some reasons why me choosed my motorcycle as precious item to me.For those who want do the same thing like me,i advise don't do that.It will make all of you regret and guilty with yourselves in the future time.thanks a lot...mwahz2..

Siti Afifah said...

Hi there..
Today, i would like to share with all of you about my precious item..
My precious item that i like the most is my handphone..

The handphone is very important to me because i can use the phone to contact the person that is related to me easily..especially my mom..

I really love my handphone because I bought the phone by myself..the phone is also important to me because I can use it to snap photos..

I'm also can use the phone to fill my free time by having fun with the games and mp3 inside the is useful when i'm getting bored..

So,i will make sure that my phone will always in a good condition..
i'll also make sure that i'll not lose the phone because it is part of my life..

yen said...

Khairin b Syam

Salam,,,and a very good evening to all of you...about my precious item,i would like to takl about my motorcycle.Actually,i have a my beloved motorcycle that very extremely special to me.My motorcycle is modenas kriss that made in Malaysia.One of special about my motorcycle is given from my dad.It is because i forced my dad to buy it to me.Besides,i forced my dad to buy it because he wants me stayed in hostel at SMK Agama Miri.This is happened since 2003 and that time i'm form 1.Until right now,i still take care of my motorcycle because it give me a lot of benefits.For the example,it always help me to do something when i bored ,to release tension and much more.Other than that,it helps me to find girls in my hometown and it as a platform to me to go anywhere that i want.Unfortunately,right now i'm 19 years old and know how to think something or in the other words is matured,i actually extremely regret and guilty to myself because forced my dad to buy that to me.In here,i can share how about love my dad to me as his son in purpose make me excellent in my life.But,alhamdulilah i can pay back my mistakes because right now i'm further my study at university.Finally,that are some reasons why me choosed my motorcycle as precious item to me.For those who want do the same thing like me,i advise don't do that.It will make all of you regret and guilty with yourselves in the future time.thanks a lot...mwahz2..

noor_zack99 said...

ID : FB09014

Assalamualaikum and a very good this blog is written about something that so special to someone..precious item.For me,my precious is my play station...why??because i very like to play video games...i've a lot of games at my home..i spent a lot of my time just playing games...just when i've nothing to do.. playing games is also a good activity actually...thing about the can make my minds more thinking than just sitting and watching make our minds always active..hmm..that's why i'm so smart..hehehe.that's because i'm always playing video games...that's all for today..see u later..\
(-,-) ~ adios....!

albert said...

There are many statement that i heard like'i can't live without my purse or i can't live without my i-pod.This showing that all people have their own favorate things in thier life.
Well,the things that i can't live without is my favorate handphone.This is the gift that my mother give to me before i enter UMP.Now i take it as my 'wife'whenever i go its follow me.
my beloved handphone is nokia 3230 in model.The housing is black and silver in colour.A 109mm in height,49width,19mm thick.This handphone is an easily slip in pocket item,so it's convinient for me to bring its everywhere.
Its weight of also suit to my 'taste',that is just 110g only.its display type is TFT, 65K colors.Its consists of 176 x 208 pixels, 2.1 inches, 35 x 41 mm size of display.Beside,it have an attractive things is that it's downloadable screen savers and wallpaper,Amopng this ,i can use it to download the pictures that i like.
About its sound,it have vibration, downloadable polyphonic and MP3 ringtones of alert also have speakerphone
The phonebook memory of the phone is unlimited entries.Since this,i no need to use note pad agains to load my friends contact nomber.i just need to presh on it.All my friends contact will be saved into the phonebook memory.
The phone also consists of 1.23 MP, 1280x960 pixels of camera.So this suit for me,because i am a like-travel person,i like to take photo of the beautiful view expecially when i go travelling.
lastly its consist of Stereo FM radio and Agent V, Rally Pro, Warrior plus downloadable games.This let me enjoy while filling my free times.
So,i thinks this nokia 3230 handphone is an item that i can't live without it.

Nurhazimah said...
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kanieys said...

khairunnisa bt abd ghani@hashim

For me, my precious item is something that I cannot live without. After thinking about half of an hour I found out that my precious item ever in my life is my glasses. Actually, before choosing my glasses I am thinking about my perfume that I really love to use it everyday. That perfume can give me confident to face the world, but it is not everything for me. Because sometimes I forgot to used it and I just realized when I already arrive at class, that means I still can live without wearing my perfume right?? In the other hand, I really need my glasses to do everyday work. I never went to class or somewhere else without my glasses. I always wear it immediately after bath. I cannot imagine how I can finish my assignment, eat and walking if I left my glasses behind.
I wear glasses since I was in standard 6, I think it is because of I love to play computer games since I was a child and I also love to watching television. My glasses is just a simple one, blue white in color I not really like the color and design but it is chosen by my best friend, another thing that make it special for me. …it doesn’t matter how it look, but that’s the item that I cannot live without.

fizziey said...



majority of people say that,diet means not to eat so much food..for me,we still need to eat but in less quantity..If you choose a food that is highly inflammatory or high glycemic you are setting yourself up for failure in terms of maintaining energy levels, and burning body fat for that day..However, if you pick a meal that contains fiber, protein, and some good fats you are sure to ward off hunger, and maintain great energy..there are a few example for traditional breakfast foods such as muffins,box cereals,pastries and juices..Now, there are dozens of other options that you could choose, but the point is that if you start your day STRONG you are far more likely to finish strong and not fade throughout the day..So tomorrow morning when you walk into your kitchen take a second to think about how you want to start your day…

Ronnie said...

My Precious Item

Well, as expected that everyone in the world have their own precious item. They are so precious that as if we can't live without them. I have my own precious item too. That precious item of mine is not so extraodinary yet it is a very common item. It is "computer". Computer has effected my life ever since I was young. When I was 5, my father brought a computer. It is still Window 95 thought. But when at that time, I found something about it. Games, games, games ... It is true that my hobby since young is to play games. I play computer games like card games, mineswipe, and others. The first adventure game I've play is "The Lion King". After 4 to 5 years later, I stick on computer for almost my free time. Well, it is not just playing games but also to do the homeworks that the teachers gave. I found more and more interesting about computer. Up until now, I still feel that computer is still my precious item. So I think that's all ...

Thank you ...

farhana said...

As for me,I cant live without my handphone, I will feel as the whole world gonna collapse. Why?? thiz because handphone is the important items that should we have and bring it everywhere. the one of my reason is when my house is on fire and we can call the fire brigade or maybe unfortunately you got caught in a road accident, and you can call no ambulance... this is the way that we shoud used when emergency time. However,I think kids these days can’t live without their mobile phones mainly because phones are not just for calling
and texting. You can do a lot more like playing games and going online. i also can update my myspace and facebook just on my handphone but I’m sometime like to playing games that I downloaded through my phone.The longest I could stay away from my phone would be for a couple of hours.i still remember on that day my phone is worst,then i'm look crazy and just think my phone a whole day.after repair it i feel comfortable.It’s like detaching myself from the world if my handphone is taken away.My handphone also becomes really important when I need to get information from friends on classes and assignments. .Even the most successful people in the world depends on contacts in their network of friends and business partners. Right???How about you? Can you live without handphone?? no cellphones, less chance to have "personal" conversation with your cellphones, no work.Even James Bond can't live without super cell phones but imagine if all of us don't use it for in our lives,i totally cannot live without my handphone.


Anonymous said...

Name : liew kean teong
No ID : FB09019

In my life, i got lot of thing that i cann't live without its. but the most precious thing is a key-chain.... which it is in a cube side and got a very cute teddy bear under the transparent plastic.

Y it so important for me? as it is given by the person that i love.. althoungh it just a normal key-chain but it very meanningful for me...

beside that,actually it is in pair. i have one and she have the other
one. and i hang it at a place which i can see it everyday. once i see it, it wil make me feel im not alone n it also will give me some kind of support.

after having it,my life start to change, become more colourfully,more happiness,more warm but beside all of that thing like jealousy,worry and so on, also come in the same time..
athought is like that but i never regret to have it, but even more apprecite it..

and now it already become part of my life, i cann;t life without it, i life will suck without it!!!!

shukran said...

Muhammad Shukran bin Zaini

evryone has their own favourite item, such as zahidah, she love teddy bears and she already has her own collection of teddy bears.for me, my most favourite and precious item is my bike.but i doesn't have collection of bikes, as its price is not cheap for me to make a collection of it.the reason why i love my bike has the connection to my favourite field, that is engineering, especially at at the field of engine and power plant.since i was a little boy, i had already watch the series of moto gp racing.i love to watch their lean style when they are taking corner, and also how fast their machine can go.that is why it got my attention.right now i already have my own bike.its comes from the manufacture that has win the moto gp series soo many times, that is bike's model is yamaha 135LC, one of my favourite bike, and now its already become my bike.i love to ride it especially for long journey because it has liquid cooler that prevent the engine from getting too hot.its also has a big 4-stroke engine capacity that is 135 centimeter cubic, that promise me the performance that no other 4-stroke bike can give.this bike also has monoshock suspension instead of dual coil suspension in other bike.the monoshock suspension can give higher stability when we are taking corner like Valentino Rossi in the moto gp race.based on my reading from the internet, this bike has many spare parts and also replacement parts, in case if we want something more from it but the only problem is the price of the spare parts is expensive than the other spare parts.although this is one of the expensive bike in its class, priced of RM7000++, but i think based from its specification and performance, its worth for my money.this is why my bike become my precious item.

fitri said...

Muhammad Fitri b. Mohamed Hassan
So, the most important thing to me is pendrive, because it have many things that I keep inside it.. If i lost this pendrive, that would make me lost all of the pictures, videos and many other articles. All of this content cointain a lot of memory with my belove friends at matriculation.
My pendrive is only about 1GB and the brand is kingston.It have a lot of things which content motivation to upgrade ourself from
give up while go through all the hardness in the live.
The most important is, it can bring anywhere easily and I can keep all my memory with my friends
and all the person that I know...
Somehow, this pendrive help me to store my assignment and other task that given to me, but this is only on temperory.All the assignments will transfer to the other pendrive.because this pendrive is to keep my things .

Gillian...peace... said...
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Nurhazimah said...

for me, my precious item would be my handphone. my handphone is nokia 5310 express music. i get this handphine from my dad as a replacement for my older phone which already broken beyond repair. my ghandphone is very precious to me because i need them for messaging. i'm the kind of person who are very lazy to call unless i need to be quick, so most of the time i just stay in touch with my friends by sms. i usually only call my parent(for it wass free, hehehe) and my siblings (rarely for they usually didn't pick up the phone, huhuhuhu). another reason why my handphone is precious to me is because of music.
i really love hearing music no matter when or where (unless of course in the toilet and the bathroom). for me, life without music is very boring and unexciteable. with my handphone, ican hear my favourite song everywhere (of course with earphone lah). one last reason why i love my phone so much is because it coome with camera. with this i can take as many pictures as i like which is also one of my hobby. i love my handphone so very much that i literally can't live without it

Gillian...peace... said...

Hello everyone,good day to all of you!
Well,about my precious item,the item that i cant live without it is my notebook.
I am using Sony VAIO CS-36GJ,with Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor P8700 and Genuine Windows Vista® Home Premium (64-bit,14.1").It has a WXGA display (1280 x 8000),a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera with MOTION EYE technology,touch Sensor function as its intuitive operation,and one of its outstanding function is the 'Touch and Feel' Glowing Luminous LED which makes it glows with pleasure.It is a new released Sony VAIO CS series and I feel very satisfied with its performance and appearence.
My Sony VAIO notebook is my number one precious possession as it is a gift from my mother.She bought it for me after my previous Toshiba notebook was sent back to the service centre to be fixed due to cable problem.Besides that,my VAIO is the only tool for me to connect to the outside world of UMP instead of my cell phone.
With my notebook I can get access to the internet and chat with my friends,This is the only way to foster our relationship and get to know on their recent condition.Besides that,I can also use my notebook to search for informations for my assignments or studies.
When I feel too stressed out due to my studies,I will play games with my notebook and I found that is great as I can release my tension after the torturing tests or examinations.
Sometimes I can listen to music by using my VAIO and a lot of people will be amazed by the LED illumination lamp during music playback. In conclusion, I love my VAIO and I do take good care of it so that it can serve me for a long time.Regards.

Siti Afifah said...

Hi there..

Just now, i've read about an article about 'Raised blood presure during pregnancy is cause for concern'..

This article is about pre-eclampsia or PET..PET is a condition where occur during pregnancy only..usually it will happen after the 20th week of pregnancy..

The symptoms of PET are comprises a combination of raises blood presure, protine in the urine, and swelling of the ankles, hand and face..

The causes of PET are is believed to be related to the problems in the placental blood will affect both mother and baby..

Eclampsia may be associated with failure of kidney, liver and lung function..this is danger to the mother and also the baby..but thi disease can be overcome if the owner of the disease realize it earlier..

there is no problem that can't be solve in this, we must always do the medical check up to avoid from dangerous disease..

yang said...

What is my precious item? What item influence me so much in daily times? It is my handphone-N95, a brand of Nokia(I am Nokia supporter). My handphone consists a lot of function which help me in daily times like sms, calling, camera,and used to record the note. Sms function sure is the first function I use most frequently. If not emergency, I usually will contact my friends via sms because it is easy and cheap. After that is calling, especially very useful when going outside. If I am going outside, I will rather no bring my wallet but not the handphone. I will feel uncomfortable if I am going outside without bringing my handphone. It is because I can contact my family or friends if I meet any problems at outside. Another one is the camera function which cannot be neglected. My handphone camera is 5 mega pixels which can take the photo clearly. That why I like to take photo using it. A lot of memories can be recorded via photo and it is nice to look back the photo taken long time ago. At last, a lot of things in my life concern about my handphone and 'I really can't live without it'. So I will take good of it and hope I can use it as long as possible.

ika said...


WOW,that is a very interesting to share to you all about my precious item.Im crazy love with my teddy bear.Every night,my teedy bear with me.Belive it or not,i only have one teddy bear in my life.Since i child,my parents dont like to see me play with teddy bear.I dont know why but im really want at least one teddy bear.Unfortunately,nobody want to give me.I have money to buy it. However,for me its does not mean if i buy with my own money.You know i have got my first teddy bear
because someone give me on my 19th bhirthday.I know it is to late and to old to play wih teddy bear.I dont care about it.Juz now im very happy because i have a my own teddy bear.The name is Krikabandar

Viknesh said...

Everyone has something important or precious item that is significant to them. Same goes to me, as for me, hand phone is something that is very important and I certainly can’t live without it.It is my precious item. My hand phone is my personal digital assistant that keeps me updated about my appointments and reminds me of my schedule. Besides that, my handphone stores all my contacts’ details which comprises of mobile numbers, email address, and also mailing address. It will very useful in emergency situation and I also use my handphone to contact my friends via SMS with easily. Keeping in touch would also be a problem if I do not have a hand phone. My handphone consist a camera with a large memory storage.It will help me to save lot of data in handphone. So, I am certainly grateful that I have my handphone to guide me through my tough hectic life.

tragicprincesz said...


my precious item is definitely my one and only laptop.
i got it for my 18th birtday last year from my mother.
my laptop is everything to me, that's why i take good care of it.when im bored,i.ll definitely spend some time with my laptop.either surfing the net,blogging,chatting or watching movies. this stuff seriously connect me with the outside world. i'm in this university now,which is far-far away from my hometown.i will chat or video call with my mother through yahoo messenger if i really really miss her. that's how we stay connected and comfort each other nowadays instead of using phone and also some friends from overseas. my lap top is also like my second diary.i put all reminder i my laptop calendar,so that i will keep remember what's the upcoming event i have to deal with.i love my laptop very very much and i think i cant live without it. i just hope this laptop will stay with me not like forever but of course for a long time bacause it is so meaningful to me and it have it owns sentimental value.