Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Precious Item: M10

Have you ever heard a statement like 'I can't live without my handphone' or 'I can't live without my purse' or 'I can't live without my i-pod'?
This is a cliché saying how much you treasure a thing.
So now, declare an item in which you believe that you can't live without it.
Provide brief technical description of the item and mention the reasons why it is you number one precious possession.


TaT said...

Name :Cha Sing Ta
ID :MA09097
Date: 12 October

'I can't live without handphone, Sony Erricson-K800i'

Let me tell you about a particular item that i can't live without, handphone Sony Erricson K800i.
Here are the some of its features:

Size: 105.0 x 47.0 x 22.0 mm
4.1 x 1.9 x 0.9 inches
Weight: 115.0 g
4.1 oz
Screen: 262,144-colour TFT
240x320 pixel

Available colour: velvet black
Memory Phone memory 64MB*: Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support (up to 2GB)

For camera funtion, this device has the auto focus for optimal clarity. Its cyber-shot up to3.2 megapixel. Users can capture and share special moments. Besides, this device have digital zoom up to 16x and we can get close to the objects.
On the other hand, this is equipped with internet services such as web browser and web feeds.
Users are able to connect to internet to browse in the websites they want. Users can use it in messagging too. They are able to send picture, text messages, e-mail to their friends. This made us convinient.
Apart from that, this particular model has its entertainment and music system. It is equipped with media player and media tones which enable to support mp3 and wma songs. Through these functions,it can relax our mind. We would feel more refresh after that.
For battery performance, battery performance may vary depending on network and phone usage. It equipped with talktime up to 7 hours,standby time up to 350 hours, and video call up to 1 hours 35 minutes. We can talk through handphone as long as there are stil battery supply.

There are a huge amount of benifits that we can get it through handphone. We can contact with others via handphone with the communication and messagging funtions in the handphone not other than handphone Sony Erricson-K800i. We wouln't get lost once we have our handphone. We are able to contact with other people via handphone through communication, messagging and internet services inside the handphone. This particular device is useful and convinience to all of us.

piduih said...

Muhammad firdaus Bin Rahim.

My precious item

The most precious item in my life is my handphones.I alway bring my handphones everywhere i go because it is important to my life.My hanphones is my swatch,my handphones is my notes,my handphones also is my alarm for me to wakeup from sleep.thats why I say my precius item is my handphones.

When i go to shopping mall with my friends.i will always use my handphones as item that can find my friends when we cannot find each other.It easier to me compare if i must seach him by my eyes or by using public phones.

I also can call my family at home anytimes i night or in a morning,just call using hanphones i also can keep in touch with my friends by massage them.with this i can make sure i'm know what happened to my friends and not lost contact with them if they changes thier address.

My phones is sony erricson G502 types.i buy this G502 on February 2009.This was lovely handphones because G502 comes with 3G and can play a music with a good sound.This make the song that i heared clearer and nice to be hear. That is about my most precious item.

seraq gonjeng said...

assalamualaikum... again..
"i can't live without my handphone"
what is handphone?
i think all of you already well known about this i do not need to tell you more about this mobile..
for me, this device is very important
mostly to connect to all of the people around the world..
i can send and receive a message very fast and easy..without that, i can also save my money because it only takes one sen per message..
besides that, this mobile helps me
to improve my social life that is to keep in touch with all of my friend no matter where are us..
to functions to cathc a kamera make me easier too because i do not need to bring a camera to catch a picture that can stay as my memoriable..
so, as conclusion..handphone brings me a lot of easiness in life..

md asyraf zulfadhly b. md zainudin

christopherchan said...

By: Christopher Chan

Hand phone plays an important role in my daily live. It is my best friend and my companion in my daily life. It helps me connect and contact to all my friend and family. The hand phone I use is Nokia N81. It is not the latest model in the market but its function suits me just right. Its dimension is 102 x 50 x 17.9 mm and weight 140 gram.
The reason why I like it is because of its instant messaging system. I use it to send message to my friend. Other than that it has the function to play music with its MP3 player. I save all my favorite music in the memory card and play it when I am free. The camera of the hand phone enables me to take picture of my friend. The hand phone has 3G setting enable me to connect the internet.
All of its function make its the ideal hand phone for me.

Daren Chia said...

ID: MA09042
Section: M10

My precious item-hand phone

The particular item that I can't live without is a Nokia 7610 hand phone. It is a very ordinary hand phone with the dimension of 110mm x 49mm x 16mm which carry a weight of 119gram. It comes with a screen of 26k-clour of TFT screen technology. There are only two colours available which are maroon black and velvet black to suits the market. The phone has a built-in memory of 32MB. It also can support Multimedia Memory Card (MMC) up to 4GB. It also comes with an integrated built-in 1 megapixel camera.
Although it is neither a high class nor pricy nor high end hand phone, but for me it is my first hand phone. I brought it with my own savings from doing part-time jobs since the age of 13, which is why it is a precious item in my life. Ever since I had entered UMP to further my degree studies, I am not staying in my house as the institute is quite far away from my hometown. On the other hand, the relationship between my family and I are not being affected even if I own a hand phone.
Personally I will call to my mum to chat with her. Sometimes if I am too busy in my studies and tests my mother will then call me back to ask me whether I am doing fine over here. This hand phone has linked my family and I always and forever. That is why my hand phone is a precious to me……

jack said...

One of the precious thing in my life is my cellular phone and I can't live without it.The phone that I'm using right now is Motorola V3x.I bought this phone when I was 18 years old.At that time the phone price is around RM700.Its dimension is 102 x 50 x 17.9 mm and weight 140 gram and it is flip model.Motorola V3x is one of the 3G model phone which is user friendly.It can support memory microSD card less than 2GB. It is grey in colour when I bought it.But now I change the housing to white colour which look more nice.
And one of the main reason I'm using cellular phone is because of emergency.When emergency time we can pass or receive any message as fast as we can.Secondly I'm using cellular phone for entertaiment.Motorola V3x provides a camera with 2.o Megapixel which is clear enough to record or catch pictures.With this phone it is easier for me to catch picture and record videos without bringing a extra camera with me for any vacation or event.Furthermore one of the main reason is I like to listening to songs.As my phone supports Mp3 songs it is easier for me to store my favaurite songs inside my phone.Hence my handphone is everything for me because it has multiple function as I can used it as a phone, as a camera or as a mp3 player.thank you.


muzaffar_brockenhurst said...

ID: MA09114

the most precious thing in my life is the handphones.
this is because in the new era of technology nowadays, most people will use this device to communicate each other, and not only that, they can also bring their handphone easily,without any trouble because it is small enough to be put in the pocket, and also not to heavy.
handphones to me for sure being used for communications with each other that is among our related friends and of course our family.
For example when I study in Pahang right now, I used to contact my beloved parents in Kuala Lumpur, just to make sure that they are in the good health conditions because as a child, we cannot neglect our parents, as they are the one who bring us to this world.
Then, I also will use my handphones in any emergency situations, for example like I lost in somewhere place during driving, I will contact some of my friends to ask for the correct way to certain places in my driving journey, so that, I can continue my journey to the destiny that I wish to go to fastly.
Other than that, when my car is in trouble, like it have some technical problem, I can contact the workshop worker to take my car at the place where it was stopped, and if I did not have the handphone, for sure, my car may be stuck there for a long long period of time, and of course to find the public phones in the highway is quite difficult, because not offently your car will stop near the public phones when it is damage, maybe it stops at the middle of the highway, and without a handphones we are just like being trapped there, until the help comes to us.
More than that, we can also use the handphones nowadays for internet services. for example now, maxis has just introduce a package RM2 for one hour surfing the internet, and I think this services can be used by people who are having a difficulties to get the services from the cyber cafe, maybe their house are too far from it and I think this service is not burden the users, because the price of payment for this service is really same like the cyber cafe, that is RM2 for 1hour too.
Not just communicating, the handphones nowadays also can be used to catch a picture that have a good quality of resolution and sharpenness. For example, if you forget to bring along your camera, you can still catch a picture using yout handphones, because we of course not forget to bring along our handphone anywhere we go to.
We can also lisen to the music of the MP3 format that has being completed in the handphones nowadays, and we can listen the musics anytime, anywhere.
In conclusion, I will say that this portable devices have a lots of benefits and usage, in whatever situation that we are in.

tegi_san said...

Name: Muhammad Adlin bin Hasmar
ID:MA 09046
Section: M10

The freemason is a religion or believe of some of the people in this world that believe and worshiping the lucifier,syaitan,this were a huge impact to islam world, because many of the leaders in west country practising this religion..we should know this..this is a warning to muslim ..because their god assume the muslim as a very useless creature..useless than animal.That was their believe, and want to conquer the world by controlling our economy.This is what happen in this world, even in Malaysia, the homosexual are spreading among us, homosexual was one of the believe in freemason.The 9th september incident, is it happen because the muslim hate the west? and just crush the world trade center? no, this is one of the ritual activities of the freemason, don't believe the mainstream media.If you studies or research the bloodline of the leaders in United States Of America, they all are connected to each others, this means the family of American leaders marrying among their family, brother marry sister, this is the truth, i'm not making up stories, and for further information, just go to this web,

Ngoh Rui Yong said...

ID: MA09079
Section: M10

For me, my precious item is my hand phone. The hand phone I use is Sony Ericsson W810. The phone size in dimensions is 100 x 46 x 19.5 mm and its weight is 99g. My hand phone is important for me because it can let me contact all my friend and my family. Its instant messaging system also can let me save money when contact with my friends. For the camera function, it contains 2MP, 1632x1224 pixels, autofocus, and LED flash. It can allow me to taking photo with my friends as memory. Besides that, my phone also very important when I am free with the function MP3 player, games and radio (Stereo FM radio with RDS). It contains music-only mode where phone functions are fully turned off, this mode also allows the phone to be used as a Walkman in areas mobile phones would usually be barred from, such as airplanes and hospitals. With all of my hand phone functions, it makes my phone become my precious item and I can't imagine my life without hand phone.

rinno17 said...

My precious item is my bankcard. without it there is no money for me to use it. Then i cant spend my money for what i need. Then i think that its was my precious item that i should called my bankcard is my precious item. My bankcard is a intelligent card that I used to get my money from the bank through the atm(Automated teller machine)machine. then i can used my money to buy the thing that i want to buy. i also can used may bank card to reload my mobile phone credit. this also can help me at any places. then by bring my bankcard i can used them at any places i go. but the places that i should go must have atm machine so that i can used it to having some money.
Other than that i can used my bankcard to transfer my money to another user using the account number of the user. this can help us in any situation that we are facing through. that why the user of the bankcard should be smart so that you can manage the card efficiently. But dont over used your money in the bank. waste will be suffering...


ben robson said...

My precious item;
Everyone had it their own precious item and so do I. The most precious item I have is my laptop. This laptop has been with me for about four years. It is an old Acer model; TravelMate 2400. It is black in color. Even though it is an old model, it is still functioning well. This laptop makes a color in my live. It helps me a lot, especially in doing my assignment. Without this thing I cannot complete the task given to me. For example, computer programming assignment. This assignment can only be done by using a laptop or a desktop computer because it has its own software to compile the command programmed. These are the three reasons why my laptop is very precious to me. My first reason is durable. It is old and it is still working. It has gone through a lot of damage. For example, being drop to the floor from the table and survive extreme weather condition. When lightning struck through the cable, I found out that my friends laptop has been short circuited while mine does not. The next reason is its wireless properties. When compare with my friend’s laptop, mine is better in detecting wireless connection. The last reason, it is cheaper in term of maintenance. The repairs done in this laptop had cost me to save some of my money. That is why I love my laptop. As a conclusion, appreciate everything that you have and take proper care of it.

Stupid said...

Name:Lee Chee Wor
ID: MA09039
Section: M10

The thing that I can't live without is the hand phone I had used for 2 years. It is the Sony Ericson K618i. Its size is 102x45x17mm. It is designed according to the easy-grabbing style. Its weight is 89g. It is very light if compare to the other similar size phone. That's why I never can get familiar with the other phone because my phone is light. The screen of my phone is using the 262,144 colour TFT. My phone colour is vibrant black. Since my favourite colour is black, that’s why I like my phone so much. Beside this, my phone is using the 1GB M2 memory card. It can keep my entire captured photo in my phone so that I can review it whenever I want. Beside the photo, i had kept about 300 something title of songs in my phone. The best part of my phone is it can access to my data at a very fast rate. I can find the data that I kept in the phone within seconds. This is the reason why I love my phone so much.

Sang Kekasih said...

Assalamualaikum.My precious thing? the question is about material thing..right?

For me, my laptop,the CQ40 Compaq model is my precious thing. For me living in this university without a laptop, is quite hard you know.Why I say so? First thing of course because the assignment given by the lectures. Everything in typing!

Besides, my laptop is use to find useful information about Islam.By using wireless technology, I can find any information about Islam including tauhid,feqah and many more.

I also need internet to find latest news about UMP and its issues.

Moreover, when I'm bored,I always watch movies that I has download,and hear my favourite music. The sound system is awesome with Compaq Altec Lense Technology.

Besides, I also use it to contact my friends and families face to face with webcame.
Allright, that's all for my comments.

imran zainal said...


Handphone is the most precious thing i my life.this is because it can help me in many aspect.firstly i can set an alarm in my handphone.this will help me to wake up early so that i will never miss my class.handphone aslo can use to play music.i love music,with handphone i can listen to the music that i like.handphone also make my relationship between me and my family become tighter.this is because with handphone i cann call my family anytime that i want.handphone also so precious to me necause it can help me when there is and emergency.for example is my lecture want to do an extra class, my teacher can just call me to inform about the extra class instead of going to my home to tell me about the extra conclusion,handphone is the most precious thing in my life because it can make my life easier.THANK YOU

naserol said...

Muhammad Nasrul bin Abu Jahar

My precious item is my bed at my home.I used to sleep there since i was in primary school.Eventhough the mattress keeps changing but the feeling sleep on my bed is still the same.But when i entered residential school,i seldomly sleep on my own bed which i always missed on that time.

It's made in Malaysia if i am not mistaken. Wooden built. It's a single bed which 6 ft in length and 3 ft in width.Comes with comfortable pillows which i can't live without.

The reason why i love my bed the most is because it's my first single bed in my own room. That's all. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...


"i cant live without handphones"?
"i cant live without i-pod"?

its all bull****
for me, the really important thing is the thing you use to buy those items.
that is the most precious item actually.

if you want to describe it, it'll take the whole day.
but the smell of the money is something which everybody loves.

if you dont treasure it wisely, you'll never get to buy all those items you dreamt of.
not just items, even people can be bought with money this day.

so, my precious item is money.
with that, i can buy more precious items.
live life greedy!!


Ahmad said...

Name: Ahmad Nazmi bin Nasaruddin
ID: MA09126

Most probably, I can't live without my most precious item, that is money. Money is the most common item among the people in the world. Without money, I can't buy chicken at KFC, burger at McDonalds, i-Pod, and many more. Money can be in many form such as Ringgit Malaysia, UK Pound Sterling, US American Dollar, and many more.

Money has it's own unique smell. When anyone smells the money, they will be fascinates by it's ascents and totally gets nut after that in order to get the money. That's why there are so much stealing manner that happens including in this campus. Lately, so many money had been stole as the semester nearly reach it's end. From this scenario, I can see that money is everything in this world.

In order to get a valid money, I needs to study hard from now on as I want myself to get the luxurious job in the country in order to get a sufficient money to feed my future wife and children. There are many jobs in this world besides stealing other's money. Stealing is a really bad manner.

If I want to describe the money, it will take a whole fortnight to talk about it. So, my conclusion is money is my precious item as money is everything in this world. Thank you.

Ahmad said...

Name: Ahmad Nazmi bin Nasaruddin
ID: MA09126

Most probably, I can't live without my most precious item, that is money. Money is the most common item among the people in the world. Without money, I can't buy chicken at KFC, burger at McDonalds, i-Pod, and many more. Money can be in many form such as Ringgit Malaysia, UK Pound Sterling, US American Dollar, and many more.

Money has it's own unique smell. When anyone smells the money, they will be fascinates by it's ascents and totally gets nut after that in order to get the money. That's why there are so much stealing manner that happens including in this campus. Lately, so many money had been stole as the semester nearly reach it's end. From this scenario, I can see that money is everything in this world.

In order to get a valid money, I needs to study hard from now on as I want myself to get the luxurious job in the country in order to get a sufficient money to feed my future wife and children. There are many jobs in this world besides stealing other's money. Stealing is a really bad manner.

If I want to describe the money, it will take a whole fortnight to talk about it. So, my conclusion is money is my precious item as money is everything in this world. Thank you.

Achoi said...



mm....precious thing of my life is my purse/wallet. My wallet is very important to me because in my wallet contain many things such as i/c, atm card and some cash. compare to others which their precious thing is their handphone. i'm not saying that handphone is not an impotant things to me but it can't help most of my daily needs. for instance, when we going out for a walk or hanging around, i/c we need to bring along every where to shows that i'm Malaysian. atm cards and cash were needed to buy things. without these things, i can't do much when i'm out to somewhere.

i don't know what to type conclusion, wallet is my precious things.

ahmad said...

Ahmad Bazli Bin Mohd Sibri

Assalamualaikum again,
The thing that I precious most right now is my mp3 player. Why? Because it keeps me company all the time and I just love listening to music. I guess I don’t have to tell a specific about it because just like most mp3 player does, it simply just plays music. I buy my mp3 player in about a year ago. It is special because I use my own money to buy it, without borrowing money from my parents. I listen to it when I am feeling bored and when I am studying. When studying, the music that my mp3 player plays keeps me focus. So, I can say that it help me in studying. I also study in pekan on as I am a mechanical engineering student. So, my mp3 player also helps to put me on sleep during the one hour travel from gambang to pekan. I guess that is all that I can say about my precious item.

abang kus said...

name:muhammad qazvin bin abdullah

hye..this is my 1st visit..
to me,my precious item is laptop.because as a student it's crucially important to search for information which i seldomly do..but seriously it's also used to communicate with others including lecturers to ask about assignment & stuff.besides that,we can use it for entertainment when we are kind of stressed's just the matter of using it wisely..not misusing it,use it wisely..end of story

harfi said...


The most precious item in my life is my hand phone. It’s nokia brand series.N90 is the device that being my dream for a long time. Now it has been mine. For me, it is a perfect hand phone.I think you all already know what hand phone is. So, I do not talk in detail about this gadget. Actually, this device is important for me because it can connect me with my friend and also with my family. I only have to call if I have anything to say. We also can send a message with this gadget. It unintentionally can improve my social life. Besides that, this device also include mp3 and camera.Mp3 usually using when we feel bored. Cameras that include in this device make us easy to catch a picture wherever we go. As a conclusion, this device is important to us in this modern century. Without it we will left behind.So, we should have this device at least one for our advantage.

tegi_san said...

my precious item is my wallet.Wallet is very precious to me.its a give from a very special person.My wallet is a body glove wallet, its not that big and easy to handle.I got this wallet as a present of my birthday,i never got a birthday present and this wallet was the first present cause i never celebrate my birthday.this wallet can fill many cards and also money if i have wallet only cost around was a precious thing with a sweet memory.i will keep this wallet until the day i die.there is one time my wallet is missing, and i got mad and starts to yell and ask any of my friend did they see it anywhere, and the funny parts is,the wallet was in ma bag, i forgot to remember that i have place it in my bag, because i am in a hurry.i think that is it for now..lets think

Mohd said...

'I can't live without my ugly purse'.

Now, I will tell you about my precious item in my whole life,a black color and not expensive purse.I really care about my black purse because it was a birthday gift from my beloved 'twin'.She give me the purse about three years ago and i still using it until now.
I can use the purse to keep all my personal item,identity card,bank card and maybe some money.I really can't live in peace if the purse is loss but if my 'twin' gives me a new purse,it's ok.As usual,a purse has a special space to keep money especially paper money.It also has the place for my identity card and many more.For my identity card,the cover is transparent so that I and other people can easily see it.
In addition, the purse can make my life easier.If i want to buy something,I will just take my purse and get he money.Besides that,I can place my license in my purse.If there are any police want to see my license,I will repeat the same thing and show my license.This black purse is the first thing that I will take if I want to go out.
The main reason that I care my purse so much because my 'twin' gives it to me.Actually she is my sweetheart and we share the same birthday.Even though I usually place my purse at the back of my hip,I will always take a good care on it.

zul90 said...

mohd zulhilmi bin abd jabar

I can't live with without my laptop, Dell inspiron 13.

-Up to Intel® Core™2 Duo processors
-Genuine Windows Vista® operating system
-Sleek design, Pacific Blue exterior with piano black accents

This is my first Inspiron. I love the graphics, weight and overall operation of this computer. It was a great value in comparison to HP and Apple. I actually got a better quality, operating system, warranty and options for the money then I could have ever gotten with HP or Apple.

This computer is what a laptop should be. It is the best running, fastest, hardest working, smallest computer I've ever used. It truly is a fully functioning computer equipped with an integrated webcam, DVD/CD drive, full keyboard that renders your desktop useless. I find the 13.3 widescreen plenty big for all common tasks such as email, facebook, surfing the web, iTunes, and using Office products. The huge hard drive makes concern about what to do or how to store all those digital photos, movies, and music no longer an issue. This laptop is light enough to actually put on my lap and comfy enough to leave it there. This is the only computer that i love very much!

nertz said...

mohamad norfaiza anuar bin mahmood

My precious right now is my motorcycle. It not completes as other but to me it gives me what I need in do my life. I more easily go to class because i do not need to walk along the road to go class. Besides I more easily go to town if i need something that do not have at ump. I will try to fix my motorcycle to make it look better and new. I get my it from my brother. He give to me because he got another motorcycle that his use to go to work. Right now it is the most precious item in my life. Thank you

-MOJO JOJO- said...
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-MOJO JOJO- said...

For me,the most precious item is the ring of sauron from the lord of the rings...
eh,no lah...=p

the most precious n important item for me is my laptop.I can live without it but i guess it is the most precious item for me right now and forever will.It is a HP brand.The functions and the interface are really good and gives me the feel of satisfaction in having it.I will definitely have a heart attack if i lost it.

The reason i choose my laptop as my precious item is because it is not easy to have one n maintain one to be in a good condition. a Learn to appreciate things.
thank you...


bang_bil said...
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bang_bil said...

Today, I will tell to you about my precious item.For me, the most precious item ib this world is my notebook pc.This is because, this notebook had been given to me by my older sister.She gave to me when the first time I entered UMP.Although it is not a new notebook, but for me, it is the most precious item I ever had.Before this, I never ever had a personal notebook. But, when she gave me this notebook, I was so happy.
For the first time when I got this notebook, the operating system is too slow.This notebook use the microsoft windows xp service pack 2.Then, I formatted this notebook by my ownself.After that, I went to the nearest computer shop, and add the random access memory(RAM) of this notebook.I pay Rm 80 of my own money for the 1GB RAM and now, this notebook performed better and I was so happy.The next time I open my notebook, I will make sure that it is always fine and I will take a very good care of it.

muhammad ezwan said...

Every person have their own item that they love and they keep this item safely and bring everywhere they go.For me,my precious item is my motorcycle which is HONDA EX5 DREAM.This item so important to me because this motorcycle can bring me go everewhere that i want to go especially go to tutorial and lecture.By using this motorcycle,i wii reach puntually at class in order to avoid my name jot down as absent student.Besides,i also use this item to come back home at Terngganu even the distance between ump and Terengganu so far about 230 km.I proud with my motorcycle because no problem ocur during my journey from UMP to Terengganu and vice versa.By the way,all of you know about the ability of Honda Technologies.So,not incridible what that i say and proved that my precious item have their own good technologies and i promise can take care my motorcycle with full spirit.Thank you

pelin said...

Abdul Rahim b Zulkufli Ahmad

I also have my precious belonging. It is my mp4 player. That is not because i just bought it. I love music so much. My first mp3 player was drowned into water.hahaha. My second one i have sold it to my housemate to buy mp4. All of that is product from Sony company. Why i choose sony as my music patner? For mp3, it has a speed charge. Put in on charger for 3 minutes and play it for more than one hour! Besides, its sound quality can fulfill my passion to music. Below is my mp4 player specifications :

2.0 inch colour lcd
drag and drop
4 gb memory
45 hours music playback
support mpeg 4 and wmv for videos

Reasons why i love my mp4 so much is i always listen to my music when i have a free time. I also learn drumbeats of songs by listen to mp3 player. That's all from me..

Saff_OnE said...

My Precious Item
Mohd Safuan Bin Saebon
MA 09035

Everyone has their own precious item and I also have my precious item that is really valuable in my life.My precious item is my laptop.It is really meant to me.I had bought it when i enter Universiti Malaysia Pahang(UMP).

I bought it when I got loan from Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional(PTPTN).The type of laptop that i bought is Compaq Presario CQ40.It is very meant to me because of some reason.

Firstly,it is due to my family economic is low.My family is not rich but also not poor.Thus,I should take care my laptop very well because once i lost it,it is hard for me to buy it again.

Next,it has many usage to me.I use it to communicate with my friends that study in other univercity.I also use it in my study here such as to download lecture notes from E-learning and get some extra information.I also use it to play games during my leisure times.

That's all.