Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Precious Item: S03

Have you ever heard a statement like 'I can't live without my handphone' or 'I can't live without my purse' or 'I can't live without my i-pod'?
This is a cliché saying how much you treasure a thing.
So now, declare an item in which you believe that you can't live without it.
Provide brief technical description of the item and mention the reasons why it is you number one precious possession.


sharveena_diane said...

Hi…….Good evening to my beloved teacher, Miss Intan…
In your opinion, what the most important thing for a person who suffered from short-sight??? Or also called as ‘shi gan mui’ in Cantonese for the girl who wear two lenses in a frame…… Of course the answer is a pair of spectacles. I had suffered from short-sight since I am standard one in primary school. So, every half year I need go for eyes check up and the same time do some research about the new fashion of spectacles. In addition, spectacles nowadays had been classified as a fashion accessory to dress up your wardrobe and not only to see better or to protect their eyes from bright sunlight.
Spectacles also known as glasses or eyeglasses are frames bearing lenses worn in front of the eyes, normally for vision correction, eye protection, or for protection from UV rays. Modern glasses are typically supported by pads on the bridge of the nose and by temple arms placed over the ears. Historical types include the pince-nez, monocle, lorgnette, and scissors-glasses. Eyeglass lenses are commonly made from plastic, including CR-39 and polycarbonate. These materials reduce the danger of breakage and weigh less than glass lenses. Some plastics also have more advantageous optical properties than glass, such as better transmission of visible light and greater absorption of ultraviolet light. Some plastics have a greater index of refraction than most types of glass; this is useful in the making of corrective lenses shaped to correct various vision abnormalities such as myopia, allowing thinner lenses for a given prescription. Newer plastic lenses, called izon, can also correct for the higher order aberrations that naturally occur in the surface of our eye. These lenses create sharper vision for the people who have problems with sight and help with the halos, starbursts, and comet-tails often associated with night time driving glare
Besides that, there are many types of spectacles, which is corrective, safety, sunglasses, 3D glasses, reading glasses and so on depend on the needs of human being. As a conclusion, we still need to protect our eyes although there a lot of spectacles are created but at the same time there are a lot of in convenient by wearing spectacles when doing some activities such as swimming, play badminton……and so on.

Prepared by:
Goh Diana

ilancheliyan said...
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ilancheliyan said...

i don't really have too much item i posses but i have an item that i really need to survive...without it i am unable to do my daily has 2 colours..brown and black...the frame is in brown and the other parts are in contains 2 glasses with >1000 power each...the thing i've been telling is my spectacles... without it i'm unable to see anything which means all my daily work can't be it is the precious item for me....

ilan cheliyan a/l samylingam

mohammed hammam said...

Good evening to ms intan
Mohammed Hammam Al-Madani
One becomes related to an item that it becomes as nicessary to the person's life as air and water.Such things got inherent in the person's life,so living without it,is such living without air or water.When it comes to me my number one precious item is the pen.Why i choose pen to be my number one precious item?Well,the answer is apparently clear becauze pen is not only inherent item in my daily life,but also in the others' life as well.Moreover,it has been said in widespread proverb"pen is mighter than sword".As you can see,it is of paramount importance in my life becauze i like to be a man of knowledge,and the way to obtain that knowledge is only,i believe,throgh pen and nothing else.Further more,pen is an item i use daily in my routine that without it my life would be messy.Forexample,writing notes during lectures is essential,so let the answer from you how can you write notes without pen.
All in all,pen is the key and foundation to prosperous life that everyone dreams of.Last but not the least,pen is a thing I appreciate to a great magnitude.

nursatiramaiza said...

salam... good everning to my favourite teacher..miss intan... what is the special about shoes.. yesterday..i was already finish read the article about shoes..
waht the important to wear the right shoes..?
for me, there are alot of important to wear the right shoes..
nowadays.. there a lots of shoes in any types, any fashion, and any brands... that's important to choose the right shoes when you do the activities...when you wear the right shoes.. you foot wilfell more comfortable and you may not have any injury...
therefore, the article are really give us a lot of imformation about shoes.. so.. please think carefully before make are really good shoes for your foot..
thank you..

yew said...

A very good evening to our beloved lecturer Miss Intan...

My precious item would be is the Ebonite V2 Clean,which is my bowling ball.It might be just an ordinary ball to anyone else,but for me the ball itself is priceless and nothing could simply replaced it.
It started when I was fallen in love in this sport back then when I was 14 years old.Eversince,I went to the bowling alley frequently just to catch a glimpse of the professional bowler playing their games.I would practice my bowling without any guidance for years until my luck came for me when I was 16 years old.I did manage to join my school's bowling club and we were doing practice together with the aid of a bowling coach.I've also been chosen to represent my school in the bowling competitions for the years to come.

After playing the game without any proper equipments for a few years,I have then decide it's time for me to get myself into the next stage.My mom would support me wholeheartly and she spend thousands of ringgit to buy the equipments for me,which I did really appreciate it.It was the day that I have my first bowling ball,and I could simply never have forgotten about it.I bowled weekly in the bowling lanes eversince,and managed to learn some new techniques that has improved my games a lot,such as "hook",in which the ball would rotate when it touches down the lane and would hit the pins with a much stronger force.

That four-years old bowling ball is everything to me.It has brought many sweet memories to me and I have gained many experience through it.Nothing could just simply replaced it.

Lai Yew Chong

fazier said...

assalamualaikum to my beloved teacher, miss intan..hope you are in a good health...emm about my precious!!!!guess what??? i think my precious also my spectacles...hu2..why i say like that?????? because for one week i learn in class without my beloved spectacles, i feel like i'm blind...i lost my glasses because it is broke on friday evening last week. It is suddenly broke when i want to wear it. Maybe i wear it for a long time. I begin wear glasses since i'm in form 3. I can't go out to find the new one last week because i've a camping on saturday and sunday.So on the next saturday i'll get the new one..hoho...

fazira fauzi

airpool_apple said...

hello tcer.,

based on the question given.,my precious item that i possess to bring along is a brown skin-like color seem like a small bag..its a typical small bag, that is neither too luxurious nor too vogue. but it used to keep lots of crucial items such as my i.c, atm card, licence and MONEYS..hehe

of course it was my dying if there is no wallet when i'm out of my room or house.

for those who always miss to bring his wallet,he will know how disaster it is with no wallet besides when we are off to somewhere..

so that is.,for me my wallet is my precious item(especially when i got lots of money,hehe)


nursatiramaiza said...

salam..good everning to my beloved teacher, miss intan..
In my opinion, friendship is the most important things that everyone should have..whta you know about friendship..? Friendship is the cooperative and supportive relationship between two or more people. You will find any types of friendship.. There are best friend (or close friend), Acquaintance (a friend but sharing of emotional ties isn't present), soulmate (the name given to someone who is considered the ultimate, true, and eternal half of the other's soul, in which the two are now and forever meant to be together), pen pal (people who have a relationship via postal correspondence), comrade (means "ally", "friend", or "colleague" in a military or usually left-wing political connotation ), casual relationships (Friends with benefits"), blood relationship (may refer to people related by birth, or a circle of friends who swear loyalty by mingling the blood of each member together) and many more...
So, what kind the relationship that you have now? what ever it is, you should appriciate and take care of it carefully..

C.S.Lewis have said that:
"To the Ancients, Friendship seemed the happiest and most fully human of all loves; the crown of life and the school of virtue. The modern world, in comparison, ignores it. We admit of course that besides a wife and family a man needs a few 'friends'. But the very tone of the admission, and the sort of acquaintanceships which those who make it would describe as 'friendships'"

ady said...

Assalamualaikum to my beloved teacher, Miss Intan.....

Actually,i don't really have many item to posses but i have one item i really need to in my like apart of my life,without it my life not complete...every morning it wake up me to prayer subuh and go to class earlly..besides that,it also like my watch and the most important thing is i can connected with who i loved and miss especially my family and my friends...the thing that what i want telling is my handphone..

without my handphone i can't live because it is very useful in my life..for me it have many function to use it not just for calling girlfreinds or boyfriends.heheheee.

thanks you..

Wan Mahadi

kierul mie said...


actually, all the item that i have are important. if not, why i got it? but the most important thing that i have is sony ericsson k770i. it's not just a handphone but it's like a watch for me because i don't like to wear a watch. so, without it i feel my life are not perfect. with this function, i can go to the class early, especially in the morning. it's also like an alarm for me to wake me up early. if not, for sure i will be late to come to the morning class. then, the general function of handphone, with this i can connected with who i loved and my friends. last but not least, this handphone also have mp3 player. so, no need for me to get a mp3 player because i can hear music from this handphone only. my sony ericsson k770i is very useful and important to make my life better and happily.

prepared by:
nik mohd akhirul amin bin mohamad

nur wanie said...

Assalammualaikum and very good evening to my beautiful teacher Miss Intan. Here I'm want to share about my precious thing that can makes me terrible if it not around.

Let me story about it a bit more. I get it from my beloved parent. “It” was a priceless gift for me because it was rewarded for me after I got SPM result. They had promised me that to give me that if I give them a nice result by I am still shy to share with you all how much I get it.

For me, it makes my life goes on and cheer up everyday. Without it my life was unhappiness. As possible I will spend a time with it to release my stress. That is my lovely notebook ACER branded. I am so surprise when I was get it from my parent. Because the time they given to me not at my birthday or some special day. It was happens after I’m came back from my matriculation college to have a holiday with them. With it I was learn so much to grew up. When I received a notebook a couple of years ago, my whole world changed. I became less stressed.

That all for me now. If I found another thing that able to make me prefect
I will write here again.
With a pleasure, thank you..

piyustand said...

Assalamualaikum to miss Intan..
My precious item is...I have a red proton saga Lame(old skol) that was given from my parents about afew month ago..Why is that car is so special to me?
It is my first car..I learn how to drive with it..I raised up since I was a baby until now,with that car..And I love that car so much..Emm,to be continue next week..

ismail said...

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatu....

Actually i don't have any item that most valuable.. But I think, the most important item in my life is my handphone..eventhough it is not the high-tech handphone, but i'm satisfy on it..this item help me to communicate with others,my family and friends has two colour, black and silver and provided with two camera..i can take picture using my handphone as my memories..
I think, by writing the above statement, it's already enough to show that my hanphone is important for me..i don't know how my life will goes on..may be i should buy a new one..haha..bubye

valle said...

Hello miss Intan..
hm..What is the thing that I can't live without it?? I think that thing is my contact lens. Well even though I have spectacles, I prefer to use contact lens. This is because for me spectacles is hard to handle moreover I’m a kind of active girl and love sport especially netball. So when I used contact lens I don't need to worry about my spectacles to broken down and I can play freely with fearless. By the way, if I used contact lens, I feel more confident and more comfortable compare to spectacles. I also don’t need to worry when I forgot to bring umbrella during rainy days because there’s no effect on contact lens but spectacles do. Furthermore, I admit that I’m a bit careless person and before I used contact lens there are already five spectacles that had been broken by me. So as the conclusion I really cannot live without my contact lens.

nursatiramaiza said...

hi..good everning to my beloved teacher..miss Intan..

Do you have heard before about child abuse..? What do you know about child abuse? it is cruel for you..? in my opinion.. Child abuse is a complex problem which has multiple causes.Child abuse is the physical and/ or psychological/ emotional mistreatment of children.

Most child abuse occurs in a child's home, with a smaller amount occurring in the organizations, schools or communities the child interacts with. There are four major categories of child abuse: neglect, physical abuse, psychological/ emotional abuse, and sexual abuse.

Everybody should take this problem seriously and take action when you found this probleme as fast as soon... This is our responsibility to solve this problem.

I really hope child abuse problem can be take seriously by everybody..
Especially, for the family..our children, were our future..
Think it carefully..

Qusyairi Hashim said...

My precious item will be my laptop. A little introduction about it, Physically, it is white in colour with a 14 inch screen. I do not really bother about its specifications as long as I can surf the net and to my work, it's fine for me.

The 'thing' that makes it valuable is the documents inside it. Assingments, presentations and other documents is so important for me.

Furthermore, I involved in giving talks to schools and all my presentations and also the address of schools that I am going.

Another aspect that makes my laptop is important because it used it to connet with my friends by using friendster or facebook. I am also a blogger (you can visit my blog, so my laptop is important for me to express my views on certain aspect ranging from politics, sports and education.

I am not saying that i cannot live without my laptop, but just it will make my life easier having it.

Qusyairi Hashim

nazratul zaheera said...

hello Miss Intan.. Everyone have things that they cannot live without it. For me, my precious item is my handphone. Well, I only have handphone after i got my SPM result. Its the only thing that I really wanted to have it since i'm in form 3 as most of my classmate use it. but my parent don't allow it as they want me to focus on study. it means that i have waited for two years.

Why I need my handphone most?
the basic propose of a handphone is just to call someone.But there is many things there like alarm, clock, songs, games, recorder, note, and many more. So with handphone we won't feel bored.

I can't imagine my life without my handphone. i have sleep beside it because i only can wake up with its alarm. I also using it to call my parent. then of course if i lost my room key i have to call my roomate, or I have to wait for hours.

i write every important note in it so i wont lost it, and set my family members and friends' birthday.

well thats all i want to share with you.
have a nice day..
thank you.

azhani said...

assalamualaikum and
good evening to

~miss sharifah intan safina bt syed zubir~

All people have their own precious item.The precious item is that something valueable and very important to that person.For me,the item that i like most is my handphone,black ice i-mobile 510.

Why i say my handphone is most i like campare to other item that more exclucive and valuable.This is because my handphone have it's own sentimental value.This handphone is my birthday present that i get from someone that i love.Hwo is that????Can't tell here.hehheehhe.
A lot of memory i put in my handphone.The most valueable memory is my picture that i took with all people that i love.i will take a look it when i miss them.
I love my handphone very much.If i left my handphone for only a seconds,i will miss it so much.
To my beloved handphone i hope you will always be with me forever and ever.

Darren said...
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Darren said...
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Darren said...

Hi, Good evening to my English teacher, Miss Intan...The item that i can’t live without it is a mobile phone. Nowadays ,I think mobile phone are as important as money. What I said like this???This is because around the world, almost everyone will be having a mobile phone .Actually mobile phone bring many advantages to human. Now, I’m using Samsung Omnia. There are many features that I like.

Actually mobile phone can use to communicate with other people by using the shortest time. Besides that, it can use to listen to music, capture photo, listen to radio and others. For me, before coming to University, every morning I will be using mobile phone. This is because I’m lazy to walk to kitchen so I will call my maid to bring the breakfast up to third floor for me.

Beside that, my daddy will be travelling to overseas quite few times a month. To communicate with him, I will be using my mobile phone with 3.5G function. With that function, I can see my dad face every time and the environment in that country.

Moreover , I like travelling. Sometimes mobile phone with built in camera really help me a lot. I can take many pictures as I can. Besides that, it also saves my burden. Why I say so? Combination of camera into mobile phone not only can save money, it also save place to keep it.

Last but not least, I think that mobile phone is one of them cannot be less in this world.

Tan Chang Yao

hanwau said...

A very good day i wish to Miss Intan and all my friends.
Actually, i think that all the people have their own precious item.But for me, newspaper plays a vital role in my life.Why???
This is because i like to read newspaper everyday, and this acts have become my habit in my life.In my opinion,newspaper is the main source of information about local and foreign affair. Though the radio and television convert important news and messages quicker than the newspaper,but they seldom give the details of an incident. The newspaper, on the other hand,given not only more details about a particular incident but it also contains more news items.Beside that, we can find out what we need to know:a job in the situation vacant column,an object we can buy in the advertising page,a missing relative in the finding missing relative column and condolence news in the agog column.Every day, after read the newspaper, i can get many information and knowledge.Furthermore,i knew what was happening in the world and my country.So,my information was update everyday. For example, it helps us to take precautions against social evils such as theft, murder, robber, rape,gamble and smuggling.Newspaper also can used as a learning materials.It can maintain one's reading habit and also influence an the minds of reader.It is very important to everyone, because this is the one's best ways to improve ourselves via reading. Therefore,i used it to improve my language, and it was given a good feedback for me.Lastly, i want to say that, newspaper really is my pabulum.Even though, i have no chance to read newspaper, since i was study in UMP.But this habit is not easily can change....

ellie said...
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Pay_sar said...

Assalammualaikum....good day to Miss Intan,our beloved lecturer.
For me, an item in which i believe that i can't live without it is my watch. If i not mistaken,i got my first watch is when i was five years old.The watch is given by my mother for my birthday. And starting from that,i can't cannot live without my watch. Without it, my life is ruined. i lost myself of wrong and right because without my watch i can't determine the actual time. So i can't have my own day properly. This brand that i always prefer to buy is Casio. This brand are made of from japan. It is high quality watch and it battery can stand longer about 10 years without any problem. It also have a water resistant, the specification that all watch must have it. It visual consist of analog and digital time pieces. It also can withstand with a high impact of collision. So this watch cannot be broken easily although it fall from high places.
it also came with 27-city World Time, Auto LED light, 200M Water Resistance and Shock Resistance, and for the fashion they’re a stylish addition to any wrist.
At last but not least. i lov em y watch......

Ahmad Fiasal

Pay_sar said...
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Pay_sar said...
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Pay_sar said...
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ellie said...

Greetings to Miss Intan and my fellow friends,

There are many items that are precious to me in my life but I think the one thing that I really need in my life is my mobile phone. The phone that I’m using now is my first phone and I bought it with my own hard earned money. It is a walkman phone with camera.

So why is my phone precious to me? First of all, it was bought with the money I earned when I worked part time during the holidays. Thus, sweet memories flood my mind every time I look at it. Besides that, my phone enables my family to keep in touch with me since I’m studying away from home. With just one phone call, my parents are able to know how I’m doing and I’m able to know what is going on at home. My phone is also my alarm which enables me to wake up in time for my classes.

As a conclusion, my phone is vey much involved in my life and it help makes my life easier and smoother. Thus, my phone is the precious thing in my life and I’m very thankful for it.

Ellie Teo
SA 09008

FyRuLe HyXuRd said...

hye and hello to miss Intan....

What the thing that so precious to me??? I have many things that i posses very much,but the most precious thing for me at this time is my laptop,DELL D410.

Although this laptop has lower specification than the other new laptop,but i love it very much.

Why?Because it give many benefit to me. It help me when i'm in stress.I can play game and hear songs.

Futhermore,i always use it to connect to internet. It give me time to find new friend and chat with my friend using facebook or yahoo messenger.

My laptop also be used to finish my assingment and also help me to find some info and use it to study.

that's all what i want to share.


zur ain said...

Hello..Good day i wish to Miss Intan and all my beloved friends. emm..The most precious item in my life is like the most people think and need nowadays. What is that?

Not a surprise actually. My precious item is my hanDphone. Why i choose handphone as my precious item? This is because i feel that i cannot live without my handphone. Anytime, everywhere i go my handphone must 'follow' me. It is a compulsory for me to bring my handphone where ever i go. For your information, i am willing to turn back if i left my handphone at home.

Why handphone is important to me? emm..let we see..Handphone has many function and useful to us. First of all I can always call my beloved parents as now, I living at the hostel. If I need something I just need to call my parent and ask anything that I want. If I miss my parent, I also just need to call my parent and talk to them.

Other than that, handphone also can be my alarm and my assistant. All thing that I need to do, I will keep in my handphone memory and the handphone will remind me when the times arrives. My handphone never forget we when I need it's help.

Handphone also become the ways I connect to my friends. If I have any problems wiht my study, I just call my friends to ask about the problem.That is an easy ways to do compared if we need to go by ourself to meet ourself.

I think that's all for now.I am definitely sure that you all are agree with me that the handphone is an important item in our life. Imagine that our daily life without handphone. It is difficult right?.It is like we are turning back to the our grandparents generation.

Thank you


ctsuhaila said...

hi miss intan n friends! precious item???
I think it is normal thing for everybody nowadays to have this kind of item... what else if not a handphone.
My nokia 6120 classic is very important to me. It connects me with my mom,family n all my friends. It is very useful as i used it to call my parents almost everyday.hehe... As we are in a university, handphone is something needed so much to help us get an information from our friends or lecturer. We can use it to contact anybody especially in emergency cases. Try to imagine your life without a handphone??? owh,i think that is so terrible! of course all the things are uncontrol...
I also use it as my alarm to wake me up in the morning. The other thing is,i love to take photos, and i've met my gang who love it too! hehe...there is a lot of memorable pictures with my family,friends and others.
So that,love your phone as it is the only thing that make our relationship with the others closer and stay keep in touch...

siti suhaila bt zakaria

gwj23 said...


My precious thing will be a book. I can’t imagine how I can survive without book. Books are accompanying me since I’m in kindergarten. Books can be any shape, it can as small as a coin, and also can as large as a big box. I still can remember my first book is a comic, called Doraemon. This is a famous Japanese comic, it talk about one boy is accompany by a machine cat, called “doraemon” from 22th century. I’m not talk about this comic, but the all book I’ve read.

Library seems to be my favourite place in the school during my school time. It becomes my most visited place in my school. I spent all my free time in the library to read book, there are many kind of book in the library and I love them so much. The category of book that I like so much is biography of celebrity, this kind of book show me the way how the celebrity success and how they are overcome the trouble. It helps me a lot in study and life. When I’m free, I will always in library to find book to read. Besides, I like historical book as well. Historical book can help me know the truth of the history. It helps me to avoid repeating the same mistake that some did before.

Actually there are many things that I learn from book; book contain of many different information that are very meaningful and helpful for me. It makes me smarter than others. I’m very appreciating books that benefit me a lot. Book seems to be an important part of my life. I can’t live without it.

sing ying said...

Good evening to Miss Intan.
I got quite a few possessions that are precious to me. My number one precious possession is my laptop. My laptop is a Toshiba Satellite series, which is glossy mercury silver color.
Why do I say my laptop is my precious item? First of all, my laptop can help me to finish my assignments or presentation in the university. The university life requires a lot of assignments or presentation that is needed to be done by laptop. Therefore my laptop really helps me a lot in my homework.
Besides, my laptop also serves like an entertainment to me. Since UMP blocked almost all of the entertainment on the internet. I usually use my laptop to play games, listen to music and watching movies to help to release my stress. Luckily I got whole bunch of music, games and movies in my laptop that I can use when I feel stress.
By the way, my laptop also helps me to stay in touch with my friends and my relatives. I often use window live messenger to stay in touch of them as many of them are not in Malaysia. This will help to keep my relations with them. I will also get to know their life throughout the window live messenger in my laptop.
As a conclusion, my laptop involved in my life very much. I can’t think of my life without it even for just a single day. It is the most precious possession to me.

Ling Sing Ying

aZr0y said...

assalamualaikum and good evening to miss intan..
my precious item will be all my jeans..why??
because wearing will look stylish to every men..
moreover, it makes us more comfortable in our daily we all see now,jeans been one of important needs toward everyone...

i like to wear jeans so mush because its make my movement easier..i been bought a lot of jeans based on its back pocket and colour..for me,back pocket is the important esset of every jeans..

that all...

mr [syamim] said...

hello my beautiful teacher,,,miss intan
u wanna know my precious item?
of cause my hand phone..why? i bought it with my own money. i love it.
i hope teacher know my feeling, right?Even though it not valuable in price, but it one the most thing for my life.I know, you also love your hand phone and it also important to you right?With out this phone, i think we will lost in our life.Hehehehe
Ok teacher, that all about my precious item.Tq for read for a while.Love you techer


anne_zia said...

assalamualikum to miss intan........

My precious item?????

I can’t live without my purse....

My purse is blue black in colour.That is use to place a part of my personal items.It is small in size and easy to bring anywhere .The main parts of my purse are card holder part and money part.

The card holder part is the most important part to me.There is more card holder parts in my is can use to place identity card , bank card and name card.The high of this part is 4cm .So ,it can protect all the card tighly.This is can prevent the card out from the purse easily.

The money parts is the parts that use to put money.This part is divided into three parts , which is one part from that use to put coins and another parts for others money.That is divided into three parts to make sure money are arranged properly.

My purse become my precious item because it contains a lot of my personal item that i can life without such as identity card , bank card , money and my parents pictures.Beside that , my purse is given by my beloved brother.

Thats all...:-)

rOZiaNA rAmLi


yammy said...

my precious item.....
i think my handphone will be my precious one..may be because i buy it by my one...
my hanphone is blue black in color and it is slide...
it looks simple and nice to hold it..

i like to take pictures any time especially if it is very memorable day...
it can memorize me about some sweet memories..

sometimes i call my friends ..if i did not have this handphone..i feel difficult to contact them..especially if there are any emergency cases....

that all from me...:)

siti mariam supian

airpool_apple said...

hello my beloved, dedicated and beautiful teacher miss intan.
Do you wanna know about my precious item? My precious item of cause my hand phone.
I bought it with my own money, I hope u know my feeling right? The thing that we bought with our money. Wow,,very-very happy. Besides, this hand phone is one of the important thing for my life. I think u also take care about ur phone right? I love my hand phone very much. Tq for read my comment for a while. Tq and love u teacher


atie said...


I don’t have anything that very special in my life but I have something that I think I can’t live without it. The thing that declare an item in which i believe that i can't live without it is my handphone. My handphone is the one that my parents gave it to me as my birthday present.

Next, my handphone always accompany me everywhere. My handphone is silver in color. The model is Sony Ericsson k770i. The camera can shot very clear pictures. I always use it to take my pictures. The auto focus of my handphone is 3.2 megapixels. It also light and small that I can bring it to anywhere.

The most important thing that I like about this handphone is it can connects me to my beloved like my parents and my friends. Although the distance is far but we can communicate to each other easily. I only need to press the call buttons then, I can hear their voices through it. It really helpful for me to express my feeling to them. It also very important when emergency cases happen.

Beside that my handphone is provided with internet setting. I can surf internet with only using my handphone. The handphone also has many type of games. if I feel boring I will spend my times playing the games. If I don’t want to call my friends I just send my messages to them. The message system not only cheap but also fast.

I love my handphone because it can make me always happy and feel peace when I using it.


aspalela said...

Hi..good afternoon to my beloved and cutey teacher..Miss Intan..
In your opinion,what is the precious item that belong to me?
Actually i have a lot of barcelet,bear and high-heel.But i don't think all the collection i love the most.What was the important item for me right now is my laptop.It's not because all the software that install is a new version.Especially the window office,till i can't present my work using the the window 2007.But it's more toward the device that i was really eager to have since i was in matriculation.I'm really jealous looking at my friend having their own laptop.Now,when i own the laptop,i can the any thing that i want.Same thing when all my friends do when i was in matriculation.Futhermore,with the latest software that install in my laptop i can even doing any work faster.Also with the wireless facilities,i can gain lots of information quickly.As the last touch on my comment,i just want to say that i really love my laptop till i sleep together with the laptop...hehehe.. .:(*_*):.

Sincerely from the bottom of my heart,...

valle said...

For me, I cannot live without my hand phone – sony ericsson w660i…
It is black in color with a gold color in middle…
This 3g hand phone is come along with a 2.0 mega pixel camera and mp3 player…
With this hand phone, I can communicate with my family, friends and also record my memories by taking the picture…

This hand phone also will be my alarm...In addition, when I’m tension I will play the game that are provided in the hand conclude, this hand phone is like my lover and I will feel incomplete without it…

~noor assima amran~