Sunday, October 11, 2009

My Precious Item: F09/F10

Have you ever heard a statement like 'I can't live without my handphone' or 'I can't live without my purse' or 'I can't live without my i-pod'?
This is a cliché saying how much you treasure a thing.
So now, declare an item in which you believe that you can't live without it.
Provide brief technical description of the item and mention the reasons why it is you number one precious possession.


khazzarul said...

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning.
Today i want to comment about my precious item.My precious item is my bicycle.I love my bicycle so much because it had make my life more easier and more comfortable.I buy my bicycle at UMP on my first year here.The reason why i buy this bicycle is because i want to use it to go to the class early.This bicycle have help me a lot.When i wake up late in the morning,my bicycle is my savior,so that i don't come late to the class.My bicycle is blue in colour.My bicycle is not that big,it is small and even smaller than my body.My friends always borrow my bicycle whenever i didn't use it because they said that my bicycle is unique and smart.
So,my conclusion is i love my bicycle so much and i hope that no one try to steal it from me after this.That's all,thank you so much.
=_= have a nice day

amad said...

Name:Ahmad Zainul Ariffin bin Mohamad
ID No: FB09031
section : F09

Assalamu'alaikum and good morning to all. "my precious item", i'm wonder what is really my precious item i had in my life? but i will try think it carefully what is precious item in my life. hmm...haa, now i'm remmember! my old mp3 player is my precious item in my life.
My old mp3 player, it size similar with thumbdrive but more thicker and longer than the thumbdrive, it easy for me to carry to every place and it can be place at any space in my pocket or my bag. It has black in colour, the colour that represent the dark knigt theme colour, i'm like it..
The mp3 player have 1GB capacity and if i'm not mistaken it can store about more than 200 music, it can read mpe and wma format only, but it great to me..
It use AAA battery for power supply, it maybe a bit complicated using mp3 player that use replaceable battery, but to me it not a burden.
Why it precious to me? the reason for saying the mp3 player is my precious item is, the mp3 player is my big sister gift to me, that why it precious, eventhou i can buy a new one that more advance from it, but it can never replace a big sister expression to her brother. that all i want to tell about my precious item, actually there is more i want to tell about the precious item i have... but i don't want to bored the readers.. ok thank u...

nasrul said...
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zirconia said...

name : Suhail Hadri B. Shamsudin
Id no: FB09059
Sect. : F09LB

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to miss intan and fellow friends.An item is important for everyone else including me such as i-pod,handphone,bycicle,watch and etc.For me i got many item that i cant live without it but since i must pick just one than i guess im gonna pick my Black AMD Athlon Computer.I still remember the first time i bought it 3 years ago.i was eagerly to get my first computer and i pick AMD athlon since it had the specs that i need at that computer was 2Gb ram,320 hard disc drive(HD),ATI Radeon x1550(if im not mistaken) graphic card.And im gonna buy Cooler Master fans and altec lansing for my computer when i got enough money.Why i said i cant live without my computer?i spent most of my free time is with my computer.i've even done 5 days challenge playing computer games which i just had a bit time to go toilet and eat some bread and water at MMU last computer help me alot by helping me doing assignment and giving me knowledge about something even help me to download new movie(Dvdrip file) via rapidshare which now i cant use because in UMP got block site T_T My computer also help me getting new friend's from all over the world.It also help me to improve my game's ability by train everyday(anyone counterstrike??lol).Except from that,it also help me to keep my important things inside them.others than that,i can hear my favourite music and download new song.And lastly,the important things is it help me to get connected with all of my friend from kindergarten,high school and now =)And for conclusion,i cant live without my computer for at least 3 days without touching it and i love my computer even tough im gonna bought a new one next year T_T
Thank you O=(-.-O)

firdaus said...

Name : Mohamad Firdaus Bin Omar
Id : FB09010
Section : F09

Asssalamualaikum and a very good morning to all of my friend and my beloved lecturer,Miss Sharifah Intan Safina Binti Syed Zubir.In this entry,I want to talk about the precious thing in my life.For me,the precious thing in my life is my Sony Ericsson K850i hand phone.What makes this hand phone so valuable for me?

First of all,this hand phone has sentimental value for me because I work really hard to earn it.I sell 'air batu campur' and 'kerepek' at school to earn money and also work after SPM to buy this hand phone.Here are some description about my hand phone.

This hand phone has a dimension about 102 x 48 x 17 mm and it's weight just 118 g.It has TFT, 256K colors display with the size about 240 x 320 pixels, 2.2 inches.The hand phone has 5 mega pixel,2592х1944 pixels camera that come with autofocus, xenon flash and 3LED video light, auto lens cover.It has all the function of like other hand phone such as mp3 player,trackID music recognition,rganizer and others.

This hand phone come with three colour that are luminous green, velvet blue,and quicksilver black.I choose velvet blue because I love blue.One thing that make me like about this hand phone is its appearance.The hand phone looks more like a camera and it very rare to see such a hand phone.For me I like such a rare thing and I have many other thing that rare such as my pink laptop.

As a conclusion,I love my hand phone so much and I hope I can use it for a long time because I had gone through lot of hard work to buy it.That's all for this entry.Thank you=)

no war! said...

NAME:Mohd Syazwi Helmi Bin Jashari
ID NO: FB09020

Every day I think,what will happen if I lost my precious item?I suppose mybe only sad.Then mybe I remember it.My item have special design with limited colour due to their designer only create three colour which are red,black and silver hues.Do you know what my precious item?My precious item is handphone Sony Ericson-W995i.My handphone colour is black and I really love it.Why I choose w995i as my precious item due to my hardworking to buy it.After finish Study at matrix I work at my hometown and from there I save my money and buy W995i.Here about particular item that I love,handphone Sony Ericson W995i:

Size:97.0 x 49.0 x 15.0 mm
3.8 x 1.9 x 0.6 inches
Weight:113.0 g
4.0 oz
Screen:240x320 pixel
Memory:Memory Stick Micro™
Music listening time:20 hours
Camera:8.1 megapixel
Digital Zoom:Up to 16x

I very love with my handphone due to have many function and I can listen the music with a good sound.Their performance also more advance than other handphones.If want to know about Sony handphones
here the web about it

@pek said...

ID : FB09028

Assalamualaikum. In my life, there are so many things that I consider it as precious and priceless. But to be more specific, the most precious item to me is my watch. Seriously there's nothing special about the watch, it's just from whom I got it, that's what makes it special. It's just a simple watch with ordinary functions . It's black in color, round shaped with mechanical and digital time place together. It can store up to 30 contact at a time, plus with its world time function, I can fly to any part of the world without worrying about the local time. Other functions are similar to any digital watch available, stop watch, countdown timer and alarm. This watch has been around for almost four years. I always think of buying a new one but I'm not sure what's keeping me from doing so. Every second that I spend with my watch makes me treasure it more and more. It reminds me of someone special every time I look at it and it feels like she's always here with me and where ever I go. Thank you mom for this piece of priceless diamond from you.

Thank you.

zack said...

Hi all,

When you heard a statement like ’I can’t live without …….’ you can imagine that’s are something you can’t separate with your life.This statement we can use to describe the precious thing in your life.My precious thing i want comment is my handphone.This item very valuable for me to cantact my parent or someone else at any time.This thing also give me some help for any problem that I’ve face.This thing gonna make me crazy if I forget bring it to class or somewhere place when I hanging out.My phone not expensive like other phone but have unique design and special criteria.My phone is black colour edition.My phone use dual sim card and also up to 4GB external capacity with 40Mb internally built-in storage.My phone have camera but not too good,I think it already enough for me to shoot my picture and record the video.My phone can slide vertically up and down.My phone can change the wallpaper or music when I shake it.That’s why I like it very much cause everytime I heard the music I shake it very well until i satisfied.It using usb port to charge the battery and to transfer the data. I choose my handphone be my precious thing cause it make my life easier and happy always.that all for now..thank you

Name:Zahairin Bin Zakaria
ID.No : FB09065
Section : F10

iqbal~!~!~ said...

Name : Muhammad Iqbal Bin Jafar
Id : FB09035
Sect : F09

Hi all..

I can't live without my notebook... My notebook is my number one precious item..Why it’s very precious for me..

First of all, my notebook model is CQ40-5121TU.. The reason why is precious of course because its price.. This notebook is the first item that I bought with my own money.. I don’t use my loan money (PTPTN).. I use my own saving to by this notebook…

I use my notebook to do many thing such as play game, do my assignment, watching movie and listen for music.. My notebook weight is 2.4kg and its screen is 14.1 inch wxga Crystal type. I use processer AMD brand that is Athlon X2 RM-75 with speed 2.16Ghz | 800 | 2Mb . I use 2Gb DDR2 RAM and 320Gb Hard disk and its superdrive type of drive. My screen resolution is 1280x800 and I use AMD RADEON HD3200 graphic card. It can connect with internet by using Wireless or LAN cable. It also have Bluetooth as my alternative to connect or receive file to other device.

Besides play game, I also use my notebook to socialize with my friend for instant is chatting, blogging and play other social network website such as tagged. Therefore without my notebook I feel my live is empty.. nothing to do.. and nothing I can do.. I feel numb if I don’t have my notebook …
That all from me.. thank you for reading.. cau cin cau.. ;-)~~

mohamad izzat bin baharudin said...

assalamualaikum,i love my handphone!You know why?Because it very important in my daily role life.Without my handphone,i might be in real problem.For example It helps me connect and contact to all my friend and family at anytime i want.Let me tell you about a particular item in my handphone and that the some of its features:
Size: 108.8 x 53 x 21.8mm,
95.9 cc
Weight: 126 g
Memory card slot :2GB
Camera:2 MP, 1600x1200
pixels, LED flash
Colors: Black (Music Edition)

Apart from that, this particular model has its entertainment and music system. It is equipped with media player and media tones which enable to support mp3 and wma songs.I love music!That volume is higher and sound so good for me.This make the song that i heared clearer and nice to be hear.

So,my conclusion is i love my handphone so much and i hope that can be long time with me always in my life.That's all,thank you so much.

Mohamad Izzat Bin Baharudin

Itik King said...

Name : Mohd Haziq b Khairul Salleh
ID : FB09034
Section : F09

A good morning and a good day to everyone....
Talking about my precious item....
I'd say I have a lot of precious item and its hard to decide which is the most precious....
But decision have been made and for my precious item, i would choose a computer.....MY PERSONAL LAPTOP.

Firstly,I'm a gamer.So the fact that a laptop is precious to me should be as clear as day.For sure I'd use my laptop to play games,but that's not all that makes my laptop the most precious item.This is because of the things that I need to do with my laptop.
I admit that playing games is what I do but there's a lot sorts of things that I can do with my laptop.For example,surfing the internet,watching movies,listening to music,downloading stuff from the internet and so much more.I could even say that a laptop is a need for me.I couldn't imagine living a live without these technology in my life.Sure it would mean that my life would be very peaceful as I need not to worry about the bill or the newest game or the latest movie but since I was born into a world that is full of technologies and tech and gizmo's,I couldn't help but becoming a part of it.I'm sure that most people would agree that a laptop or a computer in their home is a must.Beside,look at the world itself.Everything is being done,categorized,filed into a computer.We could even say that our life is run by the computer.We depend on it so much that if every computer in the world suddenly disappear,the world might be in a terrible chaos.No security,no identity,no nothing as every data about the people of the world has vanish.

Woah,ok.Let's stop looking at the big picture and focus on me.
So as I was saying,a laptop is a must for me because I enjoy surfing,downloading from the internet.I need it to watch movies,play video games and even connect with others as the internet does offer us a way to communicate through it with myspace,twitters,messengers.
Not just for playing,I DO use my laptop for STUDYING.Well,I do need to search for information on the internet and I need my laptop to do it.And some assignment needs to be done by using the computers such as presentations,progeCAD,and more.
So just to say,for me,the most precious item is my laptop.I really need it.Really REALLY need it.

nasrul said...

Assalamualikum and a very good morning.Today i want to let you know about my precious thing.Actually there are so many thing that is precious to me.For me there are two most precious thing in my life,there are my biycle and my car.Today I want to comment about my car.It is such not a beautiful and sporty car.It just only an old car,actually that car only look old at their body only.At their inner side it still in a good condition.After got this car I have go to many place.Before this I always ask my father to send me to the place that I want a go.Furthemore i"m the person who doesn"t like to use bus because I hate crowded situation.This car have help me a lot.At UMP I use this car to go to the class.My car is proton iswara and white in colour.This car also act as taxi for my friend,they always ask me to hangout at kuantan during weekend,but during weekend I always feel homesick,so I will go back to my home at Indera Mahkota to see my mother.hehe.thats all,thank you.

hafizuddin said...

Muhammad Hafizuddin b Ismail

Qaswa.This is the name of the most precious item that I have at least for now.First,let me introduces you with my beloved Qaswa.
It has a long cylindrical body,very much like a worm,but a lot stiffer.This hollow tube make room for another cylindrical piece of engineering that function like a gut,spill out a viscous fluid via its ball pointed mouth.On the hot,windy,or rainy day,It always wear its costume made cap specially design for it!What make the cap more special is the glittery effect on it.Its neck also has a rubber collar for me to grip or hold it firmly.Everyday,we spend a lot of precious time together,except on weekend because both of us agreed to give space to one another to rest.
But,most of the time,we are a very good team!When we are together,job is done.I just hold it at its collar and make it dance on an A4 sized playing ground.But…don’t be fooled with the above brief fantastical technical describtion.Qaswa….it is actually my pen….
Why of all the high tech gadget,awesome equipment,and all the beauty of this material world cannot be compared to my Qaswa when it come to “My Precious Item” list?The reason is simple.It is because Qaswa always with me when I need It the most.Can a N98 Nokia phone give me the ability to write down the answer on the exam sheets?No right?So,what is the value of the phone?Nothing compared to Qaswa.
Since I was in the secondary school,I found it was hard for me to find a functional
pen.What I mean was the pen that can thrown out its ink on the exam sheets.Almost every type of pen I tried but it does not work.Actually,I was quite jeleous seeing my friends pen which had been used up most of its ink.In my case,most of the new pen that i bought only last for a paragrafh!!That was so annoying especially during exam...Every time such thing happened,my heart was flooded with anger.But,I dont know where to channel the fire inside me.
I think,this one reason is more than enough to show how much Qaswa treasures to me!Thank you Qaswa for being with me all this time.....

software musics said...
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Syed Al-Ben Yahya said...

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to Miss Intan And fellow friends.In this comment I would like to share about my precious item.Before that let me describe a bit about this item.It is orange in color with a square shape.It is very soft and comfortable.When ever i think of people i love i hug it.It stores abundance of sweet memory and wonderful dreams.This item is very dangerous during lecture day.Last week i skip class because of it,but i did not plan to do that.Put the blame on this item.sorry for that,but i still crazy about this item.

The moment of true has come my precious item is I don't know how to call it in english but if i translate it directly it means Smelly Pillow..hahaha

Thats all I think.May this post will make you all smile.
Have a nice day.

azuan said...

Name:Azuan Bin Ismail

Hai everyone....
Hope you are in are good health..Today i want to tell you about my precious item..Everyday, I’ll look it because it’s telling me about are times... My automatic watch, branded Quartz so important to me and it’s my precious item... Without it, I’m cannot managed my time.. Test, quiz, or everything else without it, I can be a failed...

My resistant water watch make me feel so good…rain or bath, I’m never take off that..I’m use it for are long time, start from standard 6 until now.. That’s mean 10 years it’s still have in my left hand..With are compass attached it, it’s make me not afraid to go far away when a camping..

It’s never give me are problem or break down start from first day I use it until now..That’s why I love him..Sad or happy, it’s still with me..Promise, if it’s not give are problem, I’m never think to buy another watch..First, it’s come from my mom during my birthday and second is this watch so expensive..Hehehehe...

Although the skin or color is blur, but I’m still use it cause it’s so valuable for me..Now matter what are people thinking, I’m so proud with it.. :-)

rahman said...

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all my friends.Today I want to comment about my precious item. My precious item is my glasses because I have a short sight. I really love my glasses more than other items that I have in my life. I start to wear the glasses since I was form 3 and the reason why I wear it because it was the effect of playing computer games too much from form one to form two and after that time my sight become blur if I want to see something from far. Nowadays, I am really proud that I manage to keep my glasses in a good condition and without my glasses I don't know what my life is going to be . I think my glasses is a part of me that cannot be separated and if it does I feel losing a part of mine because the glasses and me like one.So no matter what happen, I will overcome all the obstacles that try to separate my glasses from me...That is all,thank you so much and "Do your Best today and Tomorrow you Will able to Do BETTER"..

Anonymous said...

Name: Mohd Hafiezal Bin Nordin
Id : FB09054
Sect: F10

Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to all my friends and to my beloved lecturer Miss Sharifah Intan Safina Syed Zubir..
Lets straight to the point..
''I can't live without..'' from this statement we know that it is something that really important for everybody.. I have choose wallet, and I can't live without my wallet.. Why my wallet it so precious to important for me? This is because my wallet is very important in my daily life.. I must carry it whatever I do and wherever I go.. 24/7 with me.. Honestly my wallet not an expensive than you will expected.. I but it at Jalan Pasar and only RM 10.. But they have something important on my wallet such as money, identification card, ATM card, license, credit card (when I'm start working).. Without my wallet it is hard for me to survive..
For me, my wallet is very important and I can’t live without it..

azri said...
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azri said...

Assalamualaikum and very good morning.Today i want to comment about my precious item.When we talk about precious item, i believe everyone has their own lovable and priceless item,either it get from someone special,family or they bought by their own.So do i.I also have my own precious item.Which it is my wallet.what so special about it? Actually my wallet is not expensive at all and it also not so branded.In fact it is very simple and look ordinary,like other wallet.Nothing special.But because i got from someone very special to me and because of that it become so precious and priceless for me.Chanel is it name.It is made by genuine leather and it has two side,the right side and left side.On the left side there are 5 place to putting card.Beside that places,there is one transparent pocket and i choose to put my parents photo on that pocket.It also has 3 place where to put money,one of it have a zip.On the right side of it have a small pocket where i use to put my coins.My wallet's only 4.5 inch width and 3.5 inch tall.Simple right? Like yours.I had use it since i was 17.No item can replace it from my heart.It is very valuable for me.And i will keep it until the end of my life...thank mom.

Mohd Azri b. Abul Rahman

Siti Nadhira said...

Name:Siti Nadhira Binti Mohammad Sunar
ID No: FB09062
section : F10


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning.
Today i want to comment about my precious item.My precious item is spectacles.I love my spectacles very much,much than anyone in my life.Spectacles is so important in my live, without it i cant see anything in world.I feel like i'm blind.So sad isn't? Nothing that i can do that is one of my personal weakness.So if you have a good clear eyes please appreciate your eyes.If I lose my spectacles, i can go to class, to watch movie and my live will be so stress and my head will be so painful.I can have a bad migraine if not wearing spectacles. That is way i always take care properly my spectacles take any item in my live.I love my spectacles, without it i cant see a of the precious world.

~ferhana^ said...

Name: Noor Ferhana Abdul Mutalib
Mtrc No: FB09053
Sect: F10

Hopes all the readers having a great time today. Talking about time, my number one precious item is my Carlo Cardini’s watch. I do really can’t live without wearing it. I’ll feel like I’ve lost one part of my anatomy and sometimes I even feel like I’m barely naked if I’m not wearing it. This watch was presented by my mother on 2001, really 9 years ago. Can you imagine how long had I wore it? How close it is with me? It is almost like my best friend forever or maybe could be my soul mate, wasn’t it??
This watch was made in Italy with all stainless steel and sapphire finishing. Plus, it is plated with 23K gold on its number, around it display surface and also at the wrist band. It is also can stand water resistant up to 3 ATM. One of the special productions is that, the glass display would be never scratch even if it is fall on the rock!
I don’t think any else that can replace my watch at the upper ranking of the most precious item ever. The most lovely and dearest mama, a warmth appreciation to you.

sarina said...

Sarina Binti Shafie

Assalamualaikum and very good morning to precious item is handphone..i really can't live without it..the most important think is my handphone always be my helps me to awake me in the morning..because i really have a big problem with also can be my watch,reminder to remind me a important date in my life such as my mom's birthday..without my handphone its hard for me to make a call especially to my beloved family..and also to call my friends..besides that i used handphone to hear a new mp3 song and radio channel like that i like the most..handphone can make my life become easier and make me happy..last time i left my handphone in my father's car..i thought my handphone was gone already..on that time i feel like want to really CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT father bought me a new one and warning me to keep my handphone properly..after that my father's took the car to carwash not because to seek my handphone but to wash the car..eventually i got a call from my mom and said she found my handphone under back so happy with the news..from that day i realized that handphone is so important in my life..thats why i choose my handphone for MY PRECIOUS ITEM..thats all from me..thank you...

Nur Syazwani said...

Name: Nur Syazwani binti Samsudin
ID: FB09051
Sect: F09

Hi! Good morning miss and everyone.
Finally I come to this last post.
To be honest, I can't live without my ring. I love my ring and I would die if I lost it! I wear it every time and everywhere I go. This is not a wedding ring or what else. My mother gives it to me actually. If I’m not mistaken, that time I was in my primary school, I can’t remember it very clear. She’s fine and very loving and understanding mother, I’m sure everyone have the same mother as I am.
Now I really miss her…
This gold ring has “LUCK” on it. I guess it really bring me a luck, can I say that? Hmm in Allah wills. I will only take it off when I want to apply lotion but not in the other times. I remember there’s one time I forgot to wear it after I apply lotion on my hand. I was late to class and I’m in rush and I miss my ring! That day, I feel that I miss something. I hours become like 1 day and everything become upside down! As the result, the whole day become mess and I can’t pay even a small attention on anything I do. I had broke it before. When I was active in my Belia 4B activity, i was in my kompang team. I never thought that i can be broke. While i was enjoy use and play my kompang in one of the wedding ceremony, my ring broke! not two, but 3 parts! Oh my....what i've done? Thank God it is a gold ring and it can be fixed with only MYR5. Since that day, I never play kompang with this ring. I wont take any risk.
That’s the power of the ring.

ANIS said...
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ANIS said...

Name : Anis Hazwana Bt Mohamad Wazir
Id : FB09063
Section : F10
Assalamualaikum to Miss Intan and all my friend. Precious item… I know everybody have their own precious items. Include me.. In my life, there are so many things that I consider it as precious and priceless. But to be more specific, the most precious item to me is my Teddy Bear... This teddy has been around me for almost four years.
I give my teddy name, Bibi.. Bibi is colored pink, have a smooth fur, cute and the importantly, bibi is big! I think, same big with 5 years old children…., It's just from whom I got it, that's what makes it special. I got it in my previous birthday… I have a story with my teddy bear.. When I sleep, I hug my teddy, I covered teddy around my body. Suddenly, my friend wake up and notice me not in my bed. She look around, I’m not there.. Then, I make a movement and she notice that I below my teddy bear!
I always think of buying a new one but I'm not sure what's keeping me from doing so. Every night I spend with my teddy makes me sleep safely and harmony. Lastly, I will keeping my teddy carefully and make sure it always with me.

ted said...

Ahmad Fathi Bin Mohd Zainuddin

Assalamualaikum and a very good day to you all. This time around I would like to share with you about my precious item. Well it is not easy for me to decide what my precious item is. There are many. Then I decided that my laptop as one of my precious item.
As I enter university I knew that I will need a laptop. This is because in university you going to do a lots of work or assignment. So I decided to buy a laptop to help me. Not just only that there is other thing that this laptop can help me. It can help me released my tension or bored by watch a movie, listen to a song, surfing an internet and most important playing games.
Want to know what laptop that I use?? Alright then this is some basic information about my laptop;
Model: Compaq Presario CQ40 Notebook Pc
Manufacture: Hewlett-Packard
Colour: Black
Weight: 2.4kg
Screen size: 14.1 inch wxga Crystal type
Processor: AMD Athlon(tm)X2 Dual-Core QL-65 2.10Ghz
Memory (RAM) : 4.00 GB
System type: 32-bit Operating system
Memory: 2812MB RAM
Operating system: Window Vista Home Basic
Display device: ATI Radeon HD 3200 Graphics
Apart from that it also has webcam and 3 usb hub. This laptop my life becomes easier. That is why I love my laptop and made it as my precious item. Goodbye for now until we meet again in future.

edzamila said...

Edzamila Binti Dzaidi

The statement "i can't live without..." is like a something in very important and we can't live without it. The important thing i can't live without it,is my watch.
My watch is very important and meaning in my live and i can't live without it. Many watch i used but only two watch give me memory and meaning. First time i wear when i'm in primary school. This is also my first watch. This watch is a gift from my brother in Korea. He buyed it when he go there for his job. This watch is very unique and different with other watch. This watch like string of cotton and twisted. About the brand, I can't remember but It’s not important because I still keep it. Now the watch is not function and i keep it's because it's give many memory for me . Where ever i go, I must wear it. Sometime i wake up late and my first act was see the time before i go to bathroom. Maybe it's my behaviour for every morning and every time because i can be a lost without my watch. I'm also can budget the time before i go to anywhere. This watch also water resistant and white colour. The second watch is my watch now. I still wear it and keep it careful. This brand is polo and i don't know about the value but i know this watch is very valuable because someone had give me as a gift. He is very special in my life. This watch is a simple but still unique. It's also water resistant and stainless steel. This watch is new and still have a warranty. I hope I can wear it for a long time without broken. It’s very meaning for me and love it's like I love him very much and I also keep it careful. Thanks a lot for a someone whose give me this nice watch. :)

ain said...

Name : Zainipasihan binti Zawawi
Id No: FB09052
Sect : F10

Hai everyone.....
Actually there are many thing that precious to me, but the most precious one is my mp3 player. Before i had this mp3, i already had mp4 but it's already broken. My mp3 comes in silver colour and lining in green colour.It's size about 5cm x 4cm and easy to bring anywhere. It has 2GB capacity and used recharged battery. It has and can record voice.

I bought this mp3 when i lived in Shah Alam. That time i feel really lonely because i don't have many friends there and my oldest brother suddenly moving from Shah Alam to Terengganu. This mp3 was my companion when i feel bored and lonely because i don't have any other entertainment and also companied me before i get sleep. That time i don't have laptop, radio or tv to entertain me. I bought the mp3 with my own money and take a good care of it but when i lived at my sister's house in Seremban the mp3had been stolen. I really sad that time and regret because it been stole when i really need it and even though i already take a good care of it.

Then i bought a new one, but this time mp4 and also in green colour. It has 8GB capacity and it's function quite same with that mp3. I hope this time i'm not losing it because it's become my precious thing right now. That's all, thanks to everyone.