Monday, August 24, 2009

Reflection on Assessment 1: M10

Hi students..Well done for completing Assessment 1 which was the oral presentation. You presented on either the uniqueness of a characteristic of yourself or about your legend. I'm sure you have learnt a few things from the assessment as well as from your friends. Share your ideas and opinions on the assessment that we had. Do comment on these things:
a. What do you think of your own presentation?
b. How can you improve your presentation in the future?
c. Things you learnt from your friends


christopherchan said...

I have done the best I can on that day so I should be confident with myself. However there is always ways to improve ourselves. I always feel nervous whenever I am about to go on stage. This is a normal feeling and we should accept it. Joining this kind of event frequently will help reduce it but it can never eliminate it. Thus we should use it to boost our fighting spirit so we can do well in our presentation. Some of my friends when they go on stage, they look very confident with their selves and well prepare. From here I learn that we should always be confident with ourselves and be ready for anything that might happen. A good presenter is not a person who practice a lot of time but a person who know how to cover their own mistake when they are doing their presentation. Lastly I would like to tell that never fear to be laugh at when on stage but be scare when no one is listening to your presentation.

Daren Chia said...

During the first assignment which was an oral presentation on the uniqueness of a characteristic of me, I remembered that I was presented on the first day of presentation, which it made me felt nervous. More stress and anxiety I felt when I was the first Chinese student who is going to present on that day. Honestly, I never been presenting in front of a group of people with around thirty of them. However, I know that I can’t avoid this time, so I brave up myself to walk forward and present what I had prepared. Huioh~ I did it finally. It’s just a deep relief from inside my heart. Personally I am just merely satisfied about my oral presentation. However, I am confident that my slide had surely attracted my audiences, which are my lecturer and fellow course-mates. However, I think that my presentation was not perfect is because of lack of good vocabulary, which is also my weak point in English Language. If I make comparison with other good presenters, mine is look afresh but a bit boring and hard to understand actually.
To improve my presentation in future, I think I should read more good articles in order to improve my vocabulary. Personally I think that there are many good articles can be obtained from the internet, so I will look for them. On the other hand, I think I should train my bravery by act more actively in presentation and public speaking in the future. I am sure that this will help me overcome my tension and fear to be a presenter.
Actually I had learned quite a lot from my friend’s presentation. Firstly, we should prepare well before we present. Complete preparations are necessary to avoid any mistakes or at least minimize the mistake to the minimum. On the other hand, we should practice public speaking frequently which this will allow us not being tension or fear when facing a big number of audiences. So, everything starts from the classroom, grab every chances to do good presentation in the class to make us more used to the environment of doing presentation. For this assignment, I also found that quite a lot of my friends are creative guys as they can talk about funny things during the presentation to grab more communication with the audiences, I think I should learn with them too! Haha……-_-“

Matrik No.: MA09042
Session: M10
Date: 31st August 2009

TaT said...

MName: Cha Sing Ta
ID: MA09097
Section: M10
Date: 1 September 2009

During my presentation, i had done quite good with the task given. I choose the task to introduce myself in front of a group of forty audiences. This was the first time I had been presenting in front of a group of them. It was amazing! At first, I was nervous to present that day. Honestly, I was not well prepared with my presentation on that day. The time lecturer called me to present, my mind blank suddenly. But, I brave up myself to walk forward and present what I had prepared within a week. Finally, I did it. It's true from me! Personally, I am not confident with my presentation due to the lack of eye contact with audiences, lack of explanation and the most important, time management. I thought I did not follow the time given for the presentation. So, I must avoid it to present as well as I could.
To improve my presentation, I think I should read more articles in order to improve my vocabulary and English Languages skills. There are a huge amount of good articles which i can get via internet, magazines and so forth. Days by days, my vocabulary and English Languages skills will improved. Besides, I think i shouldn't move a lot during presentation. This is a kind of nervous motion since I was young. To avoid this, I should be more confident! On the other hand, I can also find some public speaking videos which act by well-known presenter, legend ans so forth to improve my speaking skills with the aim to become a good presenter!
Actually, I had learned a lot form my friend's presentation. Firstly, we should practice public speaking which this will allow us not being tension or fear when presenting in front of a group of forty audiences. Besides, some of my friends had presented with their legend applied with good details and characteristics. I was glad that some of my friends even can talk about funny things to grab attention from audiences. This is a good sign for me! I think i can learn from my friends to improve my presentation in the future.

rinno17 said...

In my presentation the other day ihave try my best to make my presentation lokk better and interesting by punting more picture on the slide hope i will gain marks with my presntation.however when im presenting in front of my tutorial mates i lost some of my cnofident this because i have i little bit nervous when facing infront of people. I hope that when there is more assignment in presenting i hope that i could present my task well even the other day when i presenting i forgot to put my characteristic on the slide but thank to miss I ntan that she give me the opportunity to continue the presentation without the help from the slide. iI grateful that i could make it. I m not the perfect person but Ihave try my very best to make my presentation looks interesting and fun to the audience which is my own friends. Im very impress to my fellow tutorial mates when they are presenting infront of people. they have the confident when talking infront and their confident in the presenting is the best that they can do and impress me how confident they are. but i tried to improve myself to have more confident in other presentation task. practise make better. and im is the best from the rest.that is the words of making me to gain more confident. what i love the most in presenting is the interesting presentation which is i have tried to make people excited to hear my stories and laughing when im making jokes..that all from me ...thanks you.

Stupid said...

Actually, that day I have prepared a very long speech on a piece of paper for the presentation. But because of timing, I do not have enough time to talk for such a long time. So, I did not bring the paper along. I just try to present based on the main point in the slide. So, I do not think that I have done well enough for the presentation. Besides, I also fell a little bit of nervous at that day because I do not prepare well for the presentation. I have just demonstrated it once in front of my friend. So, I feel that I do not speak very fluently during that presentation. I just feel that I did not doing well in that presentation. Actually, I can do better. That is all I can say about my presentation. To improve my presentation, I think I should demonstrate a few more times before I present in front of other people so that I would not be nervous. Besides, I also learn how to use the power point to present my idea in a very effective way. That is, use pointer form to present my idea instead of writing the whole sentence into the slide show. My slide show will be neater and I no need to type so much word into the slide show. This can help me save many times and I can use the time to do other work such as designing background and choosing font for my slide show. I think that is all I can say about the assessment 1. Thank you.

Ngoh Rui Yong said...

During the presentation of technical English about my backgrounds and my characteristic, I realised that I didn't performed it very well. It is because this is the first assignment for Technical English and need to present in front all of my friends. This made me felt nervous especially when my name is called by the lecturer. I also realised that I didn't have enough elaborate about my point. I will improve this for my next presentation with read more English articles. The time management is also one of the week points for me. Because of nervous, so I did my presentation very fast. To improve this problem, I need to practice more before the presentation. I also learn a lot of thing from my friend's presentation. They will try to attract the audience with having some joke with them. They also prepaid well before the presentation so that they can avoid the mistake. Lastly I hope I can performed well for the next presentation and avoid the mistakes that I had done for this presentation.

ben robson said...

I have done my best to complete and present the task given to me.Actually the topic that i choose to present was not tough but the main problem was i'm always nervous during my presentation.This is normal feeling but we need to control it.thus,we need a lot of practices and task to present in future in order to improve ourself.Refer to the previous presentation, i saw my friends do their best to present the task while some not.I have learn some good thing from my friends such as always be confident,smile, and way to attract audience.

seraq gonjeng said...

assalamualaikum to all..
we meet again..
Honestly..i'm not such a good presentor..there are soo many problems to me when am on the stage..
for be on the stage and manage a good flow of presenting something is not easy..there's a lot of things that we need to prepare before stand in front and give a speech..
i really proud n very jealous when i see my friends do such a very good presentation..
they shows a very good confidence and perform very well..
since i at the previous school..i have a good confident to be with all of the people, but i am failed when doing was a very bad leakage that happens to me
because it affect me a lot in my social life..
however, every problems have a cure..without an action to overcome it, i maybe still a useless person..
so, i am very thankfull and glad to miss intan especially and not forgotten to all my friends that influence me a lot to improve myself..
i learn from my mistakes and the most important things is i can be better than before..
i hope i can learn more and together we improve ourself no matter where we are standing..
thank you..

md asyraf zulfadhly b. md zainudin.

zul said...
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zul said...

mohd zulhilmi b abd jabar

i think i have do my best for my oral presentation because on that day, i have a full confident and preparation for my presentation.
although i feel nervous but i just go on with my presentation and did not care about the others. in my mind i just want to complete my oral presentation fast.

But, there still a lot that i need to improve. for instance, i need to speak more loud and clear because my voice is slow. so the audience did not give much attention to me when i was presenting. from my other friends, i think that they were very confident especially my chinese friend, darren which speak very clear and full of confident. so people give full of attention to him when he was presenting.

lastly, i would like to thank to miss intan which give a lot of support to us for this assesment.
thank you.

kacang said...

hye all...
about presentation?
i dont think my presentation is quite
good,maybe bad i think because my total mark about oral very than the others.I will increase my effort to give a brilliant presentation to show to my lecturer that i can do it!

However the presentation was the past.let by gone be by gone.I must take this as example and take serious about this kind of thing.
Actually i don't have words to talk about that presentation,i want to forget it.thats all from me about the presentation.i promise to myself that i want to improve my presentation,i want to throw all the shyness and gain more knowledge.

thank you...huuu

jack said...

hi everyone...
Well, I can say that my presentation on assesment one was not so good but i managed to do it. Firstly I was a bit nervous when I was talking in front of the class and but its a normal feeling that everyone has to go through it.This is not the first time I am talking in front people, I have taking part in the public speaking state level when I was doing my form6. But this time I did not do quite well because of last minute preparation.Hence I think that earlier preparation is better so that we will be confident and can reduce the stage fear.I hope that in the future I can do more better.Some of my did quite well in the presentation. I learn so many things from them.They are confident in what they are talking and their slides all are well prepared.They also have a good eye contact with audience and have their own style of talking.So I hope that I can do well in my next presentation.Lastly I would like to tell one of my favourate quote "there is nothing impossible even impossible spell as I'm possible".Thank you.


muzaffar_brockenhurst said...

I have try the best in my presentation that day, but actually I feel still not satisfied with it just because my pesentatin slide is being conduct so fast by the helper who bring his laptop.
actually all the things that I want to present on that day have become harsh.
on the slide that I want to explain more, the helper was press the ENTER button so fast until I cannot explain quite enough about the most important points in my presentation slide.
I feel very dissapointed becaus I cannot perform on what I have prepared to be present on.
My emotional feeling at that time is really feels unsatisfied and jus like having a trouble. So, this situation makes me cannot concentrate very much on next slide of my prsentation on that day, and to tell the truth if our feelings feel is being interrupted in the situation like this, for sure we cannot perform our task in the correct way.
Actually not to say that I'm very good in presenting, but I just feel dissapointed because the people who became the helper cannot wait until people present their points till the end of their presentation in the correct way.
I know we should not blame anybody for our own mistake, but I think this is not the mistake that come from myself, and I can say that, the helper is the one who create a trouble in my presentation.
all the things that have been planned to do I cannot even achieved to do so just because for the mistake that come from HIM....

ID: MA09114

Achoi said...

in the past presentation, i had done my best for it to be perfect. The topic I've chosen was quite difficult for me because the legend i choose i'm not knowing him well. that causes me like butterfly in my stomach...huhu...i became lost of confidence and not doing very well in my presentation. at the first place, i want to present about myself which is more easier and i will be more confidence about myself. I've already made a plan about it. when i think back about few of my classmate attitude, i became stress and change my topic at the last minute. i almost speechless but luckily i had made preparation by bring along my small notes. i'm quite disappointed with my presentation because of what i had mansion earlier. i felt humble to them. not meaning because they better but of certain things. despite of that, i'm proud of my friends who had try their very best in their presentation. thats' all, thank you...

naserol said...

Muhammad Nasrul bin Abu Jahar

Actually i have just finished my slides a night before the presentation day.On the next morning,without any preparation,i am presenting my speech.I was nervous on the day but i am just acting like i am cool.

My presentation was ok in my opinion.But then i know that i am lack of knowledge about Soh Chin Aun which he is my legend.Plus i can't focussed when i am presenting my speech because a girl was laughing at me from the starts till the end.I don't know why.

I got few things that i must improve in order to make my presentation looks better in future.Firstly,read more about what we will present.Secondly,focus on our speech when we start to deliver a speech.Lastly,overcome the nervous thingy.

Things i learnt from my friends presentations are,one,be creative as you can and two is grab our audience attention and give eyecontacts.

Sang Kekasih said...

Name:Zul Fadli B. Mohamad Tohid

Assalamualaikum..this is the first time I present in front of all male friends..the best thing in my life! Huh!I can leave a bit of my shyness behind.Thank God.But, my presentation still in low level.How sad, as I'm still doing lst minute work.
When I'm present, the environment is very silent.I felt weird and my bones start to chill.What's is this feeling?!

I think I got my confidence in the middle of my talk.I tried to looked at every faces of my friend and I don't felt any feelings..
What is clear right now is, I still need a lot of practices.

imran zainal said...


I have done my assesment one before i have 2 present taht is why my presentation was not very interesting.this is because i have to do a loy of work and i accidently forgot about english work.i also not even practice once about my presentation.on the day that i have to present i fell a little bit lazy because i never like to be in front of the audience,it's make me feel awkward.but in order to get mark i have to do it.the slide show that i made was to simple and not interestinh at all because i do not have much time to do it.i do it at about 5 o'clock in the morning and at that time i fell so sleepy and in my mind i just want to finish the slide show and then go to sleep.the lesson that i can get from my presentation is that i have to make an early preparation and practice my presentation so that i can present my work well

piduih said...

For the first assignment which was an oral presentation i think that i've done the best i can for that speech.Before that i'm very nervous when speak infront a lot of people.maybe it happen because i'm a shy person.
After 2 or 3 oral presentaion my nervous feeling was reduces.Not all but i have a quite confident right now.When you do a lot of practice about something,you will mastered that skill later.Maybe this is good catalyst for me if i have an interview for getting a job soon.Your relationship with your friend also can help you become confident.Thanks to all M10 members.Lastly,thanks to Miss Intan because teach and sporting to us.

Muhammad Firdaus bin Rahim

Mohd said...

When the time comes for me to do the presentation,I am a bit nervous because i am not so good to give a speech in front of many people. I know that i must do the speech because it is an assignment for Technical English and also my marks. For my presentation on that day, I have choose Dato' David Aramugham as the legend.
Due to his courage to bring a group of normal people from many races to be the famous group in Malaysia, he aspire me to do the same.i want to be the successful engineer in Malaysia. Without any bias from any race that existed in this world, I want to have a good relation with them.
Just like in my section, I do love to have friends from many races. I have a new friend which come from Sarawak and that is my experience.There are other things that I like about David Aramugham that is his sing. Even though he and his band has no Malay people, they still sing a Malay song.That is one of the reason I like him. He used his nation language to create great unity in his band.
I don't really like to give a speech in front of people,but I will try my best to do so.Even my father always tell me to be brave to speak in English in give me more confident when the real time comes.A good engineer is not a person who scare to give a speech for people, but a person who have great confident and be creative.
That all.Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

id :ma09047

miss intan:what do you think of your own presentation?

ayam:hm..for me, i does not deserve the "well done" from you because i think it was the most boring presentation i had ever done in my 19 years of living..firstly because it was a last minute work..second, i did not prepare enough for the presentation..thirdly i was nervous that day so i became too serious and couldnt get the audience to listen fully to my speech..(dissapointed)

miss intan:how can you improve your presentation in the future?

ayam:there was too much important things i lacked in both me and my presentation..i'll try to improve it tomorrow (26th oct)..FIGHTING!!

miss intan:things you learnt from your friends?

ayam:make eye contact with the audience and avoid i contact with miss intan because it will make you more nervous..second, get the audience attention


p/s:this interview is private..sory miss ;b

Ahmad said...

Name: Ahmad Nazmi bin Nasaruddin
Matrix No.: MA09126

During the oral presentation, I delivered the speech in a confident mood. But sometimes, I'm getting a little nervous about speaking in front of many people. But, when I think back, for what that I need to shame of. Just speak, then finish it.

Then, the night before the presentation, I'm just prepared the slide show for the presentation of my hero or idol, Damon Albarn. I just find his background story and his pictures that needs to be put in the presentation. I still remember, on that night I slept at around 2 o'clock in the morning. It is quite late. But, in order to get the energy for the tomorrow oral presentation, I must sleep.

On that day of the presentation, I feel quite cold as I'm getting the nervous mood. But, my face able to mask the feeling. So, when my turn of the speech, I just open my slide show and greets everybody in the class. Then, I elaborate my point clearly, and I think majority of the class including Miss Intan understand of what I'm trying to put off. Then, I ask them if they had any questions to ask me about. Then, from one to one questions came to me. I'm feeling so happy as I'm feeling that everybody understand my speech.

For me, there wouldn't be a stress preparations as the stress preparations will distract me from being spontaneous in my speech. I preferred spontaneous rather that practice. Sometimes, people that practice a lot will also meets their own failure. Thank you.

ahmad said...

Ahmad Bazli Bin Mohd Sibri

Assalamualaikum everybody,
On the first assignment, everyone have to do the oral presentation. Now I have to give out my thoughts on my presentation. For my presentation, I have chosen Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad as my idol. First, I think that my presentation is bad. There are many things that lead to my bad presentation. One of them is nervousness. I think that i do not do enough preparation for it. Though i volunteer myself to do the presentation, but i am still not well prepared. My ‘kelate’ slang can still be heard though I am trying my best to avoid it. Secondly, I think I need to practice more in order to give a better presentation. Training me to speak English by speaking the language regularly is a good way to improve my problem. And lastly, by watching my friend’s presentations, I found out that we need to be brave and confident when we speak in front of others. Well that’s all I guess, thank you.

harfi said...


harfi said...


During my presentation,I had try my best to fulfil the task given.My task was wanting me to present about myself to my classmate.For your information, this was the first time I had been presenting in front of them.This situation quite make me felt nervous.In addition,I am not well prepared on that day.Before the presentation I hope I will be the last presenter .Unfortunately I got to present after six presenter. I had try to make my presentation interesting and everyone can enjoy it.But I can feel that my presentation not so interesting because I cannot talk fluently.Besides that, I also lack of eye contact with audiences.So I think I should improve my presentation in the future.Firstly,I should practice speaking in English with my friends.Secondly is read more articles in order to improve the vocabulary.Besides that,we should have more confident while doing a presentation.This is including eye contact with audience and our movement in front of audience. Then the most important is we should have well prepared before the presention.I hope I can improve my presentation in the future.So,I will work on it..thats all...

nertz said...

mohamad nirfaiza anuar bin mahmood

What i can say about my presentation is all of it is sucks.I do not now how to talk in front many people.I also easily to lost my focus if i talk to many people and easily to forget what i need to talk.In my life i do not like to talk in front of many people but i need to take my brave because if i want to be an engineer a need to talk in front of people.During my presentation i just talk what had on my brain and i think it goes away from what i need to talk.The latest presentation i need to talk about introduction for acer laptop.I do not prepare because a think i can prepare at the morning before our group turn to present but the first group come late.That morning i just talk what remember about acer laptop and my grammar is so terrible.From now i need to learn to talk in front of people and learn more in grammar.

-MOJO JOJO- said...

Eventhough i only came out with a few slides and my presentation didn't fulfill the time required,i've given the best information of myself.The characteristics of myself that i've presented does reflect myself in real life.I admit that the presentation wasn't the best from me.I suppose to came out with something more brilliant and satisfying,but I was having low self confidence to give out speech on that day.I've forgotten the points that i need to elaborate more and deeply.There was a few grammatical errors that accidentally occured.Other than that,i didn't have enough practice on my speech.My pronounciation on some words were bad and need some improvements.
Anyway,i enjoyed doing the assessment because it can improve myself in English.


bang_bil said...

For me, that oral presentation is actually exciting.This is because, through such activities, we can improve our skill in communication and public speaking.It is not easy to speak in front of the audience because the feel inside ourself is the biggest challenge of ourself.Actually, before this I had done so many presentation in front of the audience so for me, it is natural if we felt a little bit scared.But, remember that the most important thing in doing something is the spirit and the confident must be add together to make sure that we can speak better. Besides, when we do the speaking, of course the audience can help us to improve our vocabulary.So, why dont we give a try on such thing! See ya!

muhammad ezwan said...

Firstly,i would like to thank for my beautiful teacher,miss Intan because giving me a chance to expose my opinion about the presentation that i held 1 month ago.By the way,i satisfied with my presentation but some mistakes during my presentation like prenaouciation during talk and grammatical error that i saw at that moment.Furthermore,i also can`t leave my palpitate feeling when give a talk in front of people.I have an idea to talk but because of this feels,i can`t talk clearly about my idea.
To avoid all of this happened again,i must do something changing in myself to faced challenged at future.First,i must throw my fear feeling when speaking in front of people and also must hold the spirit when give a talked in order to give the best presentation and become the best presenter.Besides,i must give the full attention when typing the words during the preparation of my slides show.
There are several items that i have learnt during my friend`s presentation which is we must confident when give a talked.By having this feel,the presentation can attracted people in front to listen your talked.Furthermore,eye contact between us and the audience also important in order to make the audience not `sleepy` or teacher can give a high mark if eye contact between people in front have done by us.Finally,i hope teacher can gives me some tips to be confident people when talk in front of many people.Thank

pelin said...

Abdul Rahim b zulkufli Ahmad

what i think about my presentation is it's not so good but not bad. Many ways to improve my presentation such as be more serious while presenting. Besides, even my pronouncation is not so good but there's some way to avoid my fellow from laughing of my weakness. For example, choose the right words and plan how to talk. What i have learned from my friend is much. For example, Chris inspired me so much. The way he talk show me that we must be confident with ourselves and ignore othes saying. I hope i can make a better presentation and enjoy my presentation in future. Thanks...

pelin said...

Abdul Rahim b zulkufli Ahmad

what i think about my presentation is it's not so good but not bad. Many ways to improve my presentation such as be more serious while presenting. Besides, even my pronouncation is not so good but there's some way to avoid my fellow from laughing of my weakness. For example, choose the right words and plan how to talk. What i have learned from my friend is much. For example, Chris inspired me so much. The way he talk show me that we must be confident with ourselves and ignore othes saying. I hope i can make a better presentation and enjoy my presentation in future. Thanks...

Saff_OnE said...

Mohd Safuan Saebon
MA 09035

Assessment 1?I have been trying to do my best but it's not happen just like what i have plan before the presentation.I have done really bad job.That a really bad and sad memory for me.That presentation really humiliate me.
It is not convenience for me.When I stand in front of people,i become blur and don't know what to talk about.I lost my point to talk eventhough i already prepared so well before.I don't have many experience in talking in front of many people.
I know it is really important for us to succed i future.Therefore,I need to do a lot of practice to make myself comfortable when standing in front of people to talk.

abang kus said...

my name is:qazvin

frankly presentation was awfully dreadful for me because it was perhaps one of the lamest presentation ever in my whole life..of course it was due to lack of preparation..frankly i did it the night before the 'historical' day..more accurately morning.i wished i could do it again,surely it would be much better than will see the better of me in the next can believe more thing,i didn't learn much from my friends because i wasn't there when they presented..sorry guys..